'Unusually' intense, record storm knocks power to over 200 000 customers in Capital District - New York, U.S.

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Interesting to note this is very similar to a freak storm that hit this summer knocking much of New England. My mom looked at the pics telling me how it was totally what tornadoes do to trees. When they pick the top of the trees and uproot them out of the ground. This image from the twitter feed shows how the side of tree was torn off. It would be interesting to see if the same phenomenon happened here. Because back in the summer people through out New England said tornadoes but the weather news would say nothing. I told my mom this is strange and she shrugged. And said they are busy. And you know what happened 2 of those states huge portions were out of power for 2 weks. People could not get ice anywhere. Generator lines were crazy. And the biggest thing was a ton of people lost all their food! Something to think about. Because from what I heard people’s biggest upset was about the food. It makes me think about if we had a blizzard this winter. I am betting on it. What happens if it’s nshtf but people lose their food under this lockdown with food shortages. Just some other perspective to offer.

I would love to know more about these weather occurances because I think people overlook the weather can ruin a lot of plans and prepation so understanding how to be preventative and know how to deal with weather and have ways to work around the various scenarios is key. Will be interesting to see what comes from this. Especially how long they wait and get back online.