Ummmmm where is this eleusive 40 degrees lol. It has dropped about 10, but nothing drastic. Nightime has dropped about 15 to 20

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Ummmmm where is this eleusive 40 degrees lol. It has dropped about 10, but nothing drastic. Nightime has dropped about 15 to 20

The video shows the unsuccessful launch of S-300 not during the Caucasus-2020 exercises, but before that, on September 13

:black_small_square:On video unsuccessful launch of S-300 missile on September 12, on the eve of Caucasus-2020 exercises
:black_small_square:Before that, on August 26, there was “incident” with S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft guided missile at Ashuluk training ground in Astrakhan region during international military exercise (pictured). This was announced on Instagram by photographer of the European Press Photo Agency (EPA) Yuri Kochetkov.
As usual, in of.messages of Russian Min. of Defense no mention of these events, info in social networks and post of photographer also already have been cleaned up

:black_small_square:На видео неудачный пуск ракеты С-300 12 сентября, накануне учений “Кавказ-2020”
:black_small_square:До этого, 26 августа, произошел “инцидент” с зенитной управляемой ракетой С-400 «Триумф» на полигоне Ашулук в Астраханской области (на фото), об этом сообщил в Instagram фотограф Европейского пресфотоагентства (EPA) Юрий Кочетков
В оф.сообщениях Минобороны РФ никаких упоминаний об этих событиях разумеется нет, инфа в соцсетях и пост фотографа тоже уже зачищены

:arrow_up: Falling missiles in Russia are not uncommon, but the Ministry of Defense always hides such incidents.

Well,… I’m, off to go get some cheap, second hand roof solar panels. Cheap, as chips. Going to hook them up to batteries :+1:

A few hours ago, the plane with the Vice President of the United States on board, after taking off from Manchester airport, urgently interrupted the flight and returned back to the airport of departure due to a bird strike.

:zap::belarus: A secret inauguration of Lukashenka took place about an hour ago at the Palace of Independence in Minsk
At the inauguration, Lukashenka said that the color revolution in Belarus has failed and that he cannot leave the people
The palace is still cordoned off

:zap::belarus: Около часа назад во Дворце Независимости в Минске состоялась тайная инаугурация Лукашенко
На инаугурации Лукашенко заявил, что цветная революция в Беларуси провалилась, и что он не может бросить народ
Дворец до сих пор оцеплен силовиками


thank you for Clarification.

:jp: JAPAN – The Ministry of Defense decided to establish a Electronic warfare unit in Tokyo to counter China, Russia agression

The electronic warfare unit uses electromagnetic waves at the Ground Self-Defense Force Asaka base (Tokyo) at the end of next year.

What “elections”, such is the inauguration Lol

:belarus: For the first time in the history of Belarus, inauguration was not announced in any way, was held in atmosphere of complete secrecy and was noticed only because of the accumulation of military in full dress
Neither ambassadors of foreign states, nor ministers, — including the Russian Ambassador to Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev, — received an invitation to the inauguration
Lukashenko’s press secretary Natalya Eismont refused to name the date of the inauguration even to Russian RIA Novosti

:belarus: Впервые в истории Беларуси инаугурация никак не анонсировалась, прошла в обстановке полной секретности и была замечена только из-за скопления военных в парадной форме
Ни послы иностранных государств, ни министры, — в том числе, посол России в Беларуси Дмитрий Мезенцев, — приглашение на инаугурацию не получали
Пресс-секретарь Лукашенко Наталья Эйсмонт отказалась называть дату инаугурации даже российскому РИА «Новости»

CCP spy Pema Dorjee Ngawang, aka Baimadajie Angwang of the NYPD next to U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes (AOC) at a Tibetan community’s Losar gathering in New York City. It should be noted that AOC “is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America and embraces the democratic socialist label as part of her political identity.”

Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorneys release new video.

The Invisible War continues.


you think thats the real reason?

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