:ukraine::zap: UKRAINE WAR REPORT :ukraine::zap:

On May 2nd, Armed Forces of the Russian Federation invading Ukraine attacked defences near Katerynivka in Luhansk region. The enemy opened fire with large-calibre machine guns. There were no Ukrainian casualties. Early in the morning on May 3rd the Russians are firing on Pisky.

⤺ reposted by @0x1ShugX from The ongoing election audit in Arizona has led to increased calls for similar efforts elsewhere.

More info on this!!??

at least 2 E6 up but dont see the congo line


Black Sea training

12 KC-10’s
2 E6
3 B-52’s
X B2’s

This is not NORMAL

It’s going to bleed :drop_of_blood: over into the Bubble World

Very interesting to follow thanks

Carpenter are the B52 Bombers

Fastballs are the Jets doing a hummingbird with the KC135’s

Old Vietnam War reference

Winter Ramblin Mezlim miumiu @anomalist things are getting interesting

It was interesting to see Mina, Nevada go from barely anything recently to very active again today

Earthquakes 5.3.21
Total over 2.5 - 36
Total 240

Under 4.0
Dominican Republic
New Mexico
Puerto Rico

Over 4.0
Kashgar, China
northern Qinghai, China

Explosion :boom:
Fox, Alaska
Princeton, Canada

Mina - 20 ####################


Mina was 11 last night, 3 on May 2nd

If the Morlocks start flooding the surface do you think normies can deviate from any other plan but run? Is it plausible normies will be given laser rifles/training ?

Why do you think we made video games so violent

You are all pre trained

I want you to analyze the true meaning of this scene in Falling Down. by the time D-FENSE has had enough of the bullshit of the White World he is dressed in Black Overalls after becoming a BLACK HAT and is trying to use a M72 LAW to destroy a Construction Site. Notice that the child is better trained in ARMS then William “D-Fens” Foster simply by playing video games. This is a commentary on how the FACTIONS agreed upon the proliferation of Video Games to always have a populace ready to take ARMS. Notice that the heat seeking round went underground the tunnel before reaching it’s target :dart:. This is symbolic of the future Subterranean Wars the current 90s generation is facing in the 2020’s. Everything is hidden in plan site. Remember this was filmed in 1993, and we were preparing the 90s Generation early on for this Invisible War https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OhIdDNtSv0.

And we see it again in Mars Attack

The theme in which the Proliferation of video games to create have a well armed population. Once again we see this time 2 African American children taking up arms with no hesitation to fight back.

Both scenes are Black World and give a hint to the horror humanity faces beneath our very own feet.

Not Aliens :alien: literally they’ve been underneath us for 100,000s of years

I understand this -but the logistics of disclosing this truth-whilst the surface is being over ran is nuts - let alone getting the real physical training to use a laser rifle to a high standard.

As for you being Armed to the teeth :tooth:

That’s no accident

See one thing is they never tell American Bubble Worlders why Ben Franklin went to the Hellfire Club

And thank you for your replies🙏

And why John Quincy Adam’s did the expeditions

Both Adam’s and Franklin were good friends

And Franklin mentored Adam’s

Of the horrors of the Subterraneans

While he was visiting France

As a Diplomat

Ty Aries I will read through those links now :pray: appreciate hearing about history as it happened; not how it should be wrapped and presented for indoctrination.

So the expedition “never” happened? I wonder how many of the 100 men returned?


Booms :boom:
Knoxville, TN (:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:)

Explosions :boom:
Forreston, TX (:tornado:)
Al Fuah, Syria (Observatory for Human rights?)
Kenya, Africa
Idlib, Syria (big!)
Kabul, Afghanistan
Georgia (House explosion)
Gaza, Israel
Junagagh, India
Kambila Village, Myanmar (Parcel bomb)


Booms missed last night:
Jalalabad, Afghanistan

Thread for Idlib, Syria

Update: 5 B52’s out of Minot

Sorry i will hold off on the rest

Franklin arrived in France in 76 he was 70 years old

You have to remember that one of his besties was John Adam’s he was also POTUS 2

After Franklin came back from France :fr:
He told POTUS 2 everything I’ve shared with you in #BeerandDoughnuts101

POTUS 2 kid was John Quincy Adam’s who was POTUS 6

Father passed down to son the Knowledge

What Franklin had witnessed as a Statesman/Diplomat during his time in France. The catacombs, his indoctrination, the colors and factions etc etc

By the Europeans that backed American Independence

That is why POTUS 6 was obsessed with doing an expedition

After the Skinwalker reports started coming in around the West