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⤺ reposted by @0x1fLybt from 🇨🇳 The novel coronavirus may cause testicular damage and male infertility, Chinese experts found, recommending infected men take tests for semen quality and hormone levels.

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that’s how you end up with the extreme skews

while pretending that this isn’t exactly what you intended to happen

I wonder if they will change the word “woman” as it has “man” as a suffix.

Soon it will be “No longer be Death of a Salesman”

But it’ll be “Death of a Salesperson”

:man_office_worker:t2: will be next

Moral Quandary: Is it wrong to buy Peanut Powder as a potential crowd control /weapon of defense if a person lives near a heavily occupied Antifa zone?

You’ll see

These Wokies are off their fucking rocker

I’m glad shit like this does not fly Off-World or in The Military or at Lockheed Martin

Or any legit defense contractors

White World is going full retard

They are going to lead us straight into another dark age…

We used to have aspirations for the stars… now we argue over pronouns…

You put the channel in danger of deletion by posting questions like this please don’t

Oh, but it does in the military. First they repealed DADT to soften things up and set the stage. Next, they did a big wave of forced retirements (purge) 2010-15 of O-5’s and O-6’s who they knew would oppose what was planned. Now, many of the sjw type policies that you’d expect from a college, exist in the military, just with a slightly different flavor, tailor made for the organization. They are making West Point cadets study “critical race theory,” as we speak. Obviously, SOF and other elite organizations within the military are exempt from these things in reality if not on paper, because the men leading those understand that these things reduce unit cohesiveness and morale. The DoD civilians and careerist officers who lead the regular forces know this as well, and I’d speculate that is exactly why they’re doing it. Divide and conquer by driving wedges between any perceptible or contrived differences, so the citizens are too busy fighting amongst themselves to notice and remedy the problem of a hostile, parasitical, elite class who control the means of communication, finance, and government in a self-serving cycle that physically, psychologically, and spiritually alienates and harms the citizenry.
(First part of that is from personal and related experience/observation, second part is personal meta-political commentary/opinion)

Very good points

= womxn

Please, no. tyvm.



Latinx is another annoying as Fuck one

That’s being shoved down the throats of non woke latins

New Subverted History Episode

Amazing series :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Thank you for that insight :pray:t3:

Now imagine that nightmare in Spanish, where there are masculine and femenine pronouns… they want us to say “Amigues” instead of “amigos” or “amigas” (friends)
Now you can’t even talk

Ancient “technological powerhouse” discovered in Israel