U.S. sanctions foreign media in China


国际 快讯:bangbang: :fire:

U.S. sanctions foreign media in China
Limit the total number of 5 external propaganda agencies
Ask for a 40% reduction in personnel
In addition, shorten the visa time limit for leaving personnel

⤺ reposted by @soypeanut from CDC abruptly postpones coronavirus press briefing: 👉👉"The CDC today also removed information on its website that detailed how many people in the country had been tested for the virus."

Fantastic,commie propagandists should have been removed a long time ago.

國際 中共國 駐澳大使 王晰寧 ,上 #澳洲 廣播節目訪問,不許主持人說新疆「集中營」,要講「培訓中心」。王晰寧使出渾身解數為中共辯護,但屢次遭打臉,節目儼然變成了一個耍猴現場。

Wang Xining, the ambassador of the Chinese Communist Party to Australia, visited the #Australian radio program. The host was not allowed to talk about “concentration camps” in Xinjiang, and “training centers”. Wang Qingning tried his best to defend the CCP, but was repeatedly beaten, and the show turned into a monkey-playing scene.





Non-Wuhan friends in Hubei, this morning went to the local hospital to snap up the traditional Chinese medicine for the square cabin, a course of 7 bags, 2,500 yuan.

Friends said that it is necessary to do a good job of preventing fear of illness, and to buy in advance.

I took a hard look at the picture, the donation clearly written on it.

Behind this company is Sinopharm.

@drunkenwhiskers explain :arrow_up:

The person who tested positive in my County (Manatee Florida) had no known contact with a positively tested patient or history of travel. Im going to assume it has been community spreading here and it’s only a matter of time when we here about more cases. I’m sure tourism probably played a big as we attract a lot of people here.



Xi Jinping’s temperature detection method is different from everyone, showing his status

They still need to get testing right

Some people are getting bills in the thousands after mandatory testing

That in itself will stop people from seeking help. I know I can’t afford that.


We’re on our own

i believe you, do you have a source though?

Thankful for this group because I have been prepping these past few weeks just waiting for news it was close to me. Didn’t think it would literally be in my County so soon.





U.S. Vice President Burns interview 3/1

About vaccines
“The United States is working hard to advance vaccine research, with an unprecedented rate of clinical trials in 6 weeks, but it is less likely to be launched this year.”

About the data
“We are deeply concerned about the authenticity of the WHO’s data from China”

U.S. completely distrusts CCP data
The CCP only cares about suppressing the country …

There is more than one source just look it up

thank you stay safe :pray:

Los Angeles, Ralph’s Supermarket, Hand Sanitizer 8 Oz, $1.50

What is your point?

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I live in Miami, I am surprised we don’t yet have cases. The Super Bowl must have been a catalyzer. Then again, Miami is like the Wild Wild West, disorder and I’m lack of competent people might be the true cause why we don’t have cases reported.
Just a question of time. :alarm_clock: The clock is ticking.