U.S. Electric System Operating Data



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:dart:. Good site.

you should see how many screens i have up, i monitor everything .

Asteroid imminent

Connect the dots

What’s the play?

Just west of Ft Collins

Apple Shera analyze intel

War starts but they say it’s an asteroid. Americans still too in the dark about military happenings. 1 scenario.

Cameron Peak Fire. I say DEWs

Preparations for war…
chess pieces still moving …game is in progress

Asteroid or War?

The call to go to Higher Ground is troubling

Never have I ever seen this

I’m making something for you to send to West Coast friends and Family

war would be the best way to hide the impending asteroid and panic
city wide mass exodus would be unmanageable , sometimes the facts are so obvious to those with eyes open
however the government does love its distractions.

as mentioned game in progress

i would say 80% hit by non terrestrial object not an ELE
20% war as a means of diversion from the truth …the relocation of assets from iran , dubhi etc etc suggest they have already mapped a likely strike point for asteroid

Mainsail TC @ 0622

regardless to where it strikes the effects will be felt globally