Two military aircraft collide in Riverside County, forcing one pilot to eject

Two military aircraft collide in Riverside County, forcing one pilot to eject

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How many military plane crashes does this make for the year now?

Western Allied it’s 17

Including the rest of the world

I will need to ask Boris

But in my opinion the Ukrainian crash with 22 cadets is a cover up

To legally declare them dead and get them Off-World

Many are called, few are chosen

Do they know beforehand?

Just focus on learning skills

Become a Swiss Army knife

We want this!

Earn your Blue Coveralls

Become a Swiss Army Knife, Focus on learning skills, This is what they want!!!

Earn your Blue Coveralls.

Many are called, few are selected.

Leave the bullshit behind :rocket::flying_saucer::sparkles:

Meanwhile on Earth :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia:

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I was thinking at least 20 just deemed “training exercises”

China está dispuesta a trabajar con Argentina y la comunidad internacional para apoyar firmemente a la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) a fin de que desempeñe un papel de liderazgo en la lucha contra la COVID-19, y lograr una victoria completa sobre la pandemia.


:point_up_2:t2:China stands ready to work with Argentina and the international community to firmly support the World Health Organization (WHO) to play a leadership role in the fight against COVID-19, and achieve a complete victory over the pandemic…

*post coming from an Iranian source

Well they did open a Chinese Radar Station in Argentina

Why are COVID cases up but deaths down: 2nd wave post-lockdown is all kids < 15 years. They will infect elderly and then deaths will go up.

Announcement we are posting recaps on the website


:armenia: Armenian Military Portal:
— “Artsakh Defense Army has published a video showing the losses of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in manpower”


:armenia: Армянский военный портал:

Apollo and Athena on a full moon.




The Director of National Intelligence of the United States has just declassified a document stating that before the 2016 election, Hillary had planned a framing conspiracy to bind Trump to the Russia scandal, linking Trump and Russian hackers with Putin, and Obama-bye. The government is fully aware of it!

According to the handwritten notes, Brennan, the head of the CIA at the time, introduced to Obama Clinton’s proposal to approve an attack on Trump in the 2016 election.

This kind of thing is equivalent to 10 times more than Watergate. General Spalding asked angrily on Twitter: What happened in this country?

#文贵报平安 Dear Mamma, I Am Ending the CCP-c

Our brother from another mother
Guo Wengui

Hit me up for thought exercise

I used the internet (Netflix) to painlessly relearn a foreign language

Fantasy vs Reality

Stretch Daily!!!

Do some form of cardio

U.S. expected to sue Google next week as DOJ seeks support from states

It begins

Lol :joy:

Hilary gonna get it or is it going under the rug

35 days till Elections we shall see, but I’m not going to focus on it

Daily Mail: Customers embarrassed by ‘young and arrogant’ bar staff over Covid app.

Feeling old yet

So I’ve been on your channel for months now and the things you have shared have been outstanding in terms of preparation, for that I say thank you. I wanted to chime in now because of the information you shared about China initiating its draft proceedings. The other day I was listening to the radio (USA) and heard an ad for how to join the US Selective Service (draft). I can honestly say I’ve never heard an ad like that on the radio before. Can anyone else attest to this? Is this unusual? It struck me as odd but maybe I’m just paying more attention now. Not sure, but thought I would share.


Результат аварийной посадки самолёта-заправщика KC-130J в поле близ авиабазы El Centro в Калифорнии после столкновения с истребителем F-35B Lightning II Корпуса морской пехоты США.

The result of an emergency landing of a KC-130J tanker in a field near El Centro airbase in California after a collision with an F-35B Lightning II fighter of the United States Marine Corps.

At least it wasn’t birds :bird: this time lol :joy:

lol Another BIRD


Lol :joy: they got hit 3x by the kids


On July 29th

Wokeness is a religion for the non-religious

Exactly copying nearly everything of traditional religions

Even censoring swear words out of wokeness

because “feelings" and “inclusivity"

question is, does it continue to get more strict. and if so, where does it end?

took big hits in 2015 and 2018, easy to track, and legit (meritocratic) early guys aren’t no pussy fucks about political correctness

Cannot underestimate the power of religions,
and the woke have harnessed it for their needs


Dark Ages here we come.

The part that always surprises people, is how popular these anti-science / anti-intellectual uprisings end up being — But you have to realize that actual scientists are a tiny minority portion of society, a minority that is far more successful than most, and a minority that’s already speaking against some of what the uprising is saying — and in these uprisings, tiny successful minorities that are clashing with the poor majority get crushed. intellectual purges & rejection of scientific approach has happened during many uprisings, and it always starts out in a mostly innocent looking way.

science has the power to prove things as true or false = science is the enemy of radical ideology

Soviet Soldiers feed condensed milk to polar bears from a GT-SM GAZ-34036, 1950.

was on aussie channel

Long, but you will be glad you did it.

People are still not grasping forecasted events. Solar panels, alternative fuel sources should be in everyones list to stockpile.

When the world realizes it, the TP apocalypse will dwarf to propane, butane shortages.

What good makes having a walking encyclopedia of rabbit holes with no skills, by the time all gets disclosed it will be an unending “I told you so”, good you were right, but do you know how to maintain solar panels? No? … NEXT!!!

Stay apolitical for all that is sacred for you and do not chase rabbit holes, use every spare time to learn skills.

Watch Greenland again.

Analyze it with fresh eyes

Forget Buttler

Concentrate on the military personnel, see how proficient they are, WALKING TALKING SWISS ARMY KNIVES!!!

Every interaction and background



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