Two members of ‘The Beatles’ ISIS cell to be extradited to US

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Ok well I don’t mean to sound dismissive because screw those guys, they deserve whatever hell is coming to them, but anyone else a little disappointed? :raising_hand_woman: Anyone else wondering what they were REALLY planning on saying and can’t? :raising_hand_woman:

They were planning to discuss this. If you’re referring to the document declas, it’s too soon to discuss that. It’s still in process.

Each one takes off the mask and then gets in front of the mic. They need to have separate lavaliers.

Talk with the :mask:mask on

Screw those guys, they deserve the death penalty.

I was hoping it was Clinton/Obama related

It’s a solution but I’m worried that might inhibit anyone who might be lip reading and might muffle speech. Separate lav mics would solve these issues.

They need to take the facial diapers off and leave them off. They look ridiculous.

Yes, I feel something is off


For those of you interested, there’s a new Doom group centered around the study of archaeology. Here is the link to join.

Two More Astronauts Earn Amateur Radio Licenses

:arrow_up_small: If you don’t have your HAM license yet, hurry up.

I didn’t think it would be the document declas at all. I thought it was going to be pertinent to our imminent safety, i.e. terrorist threat, War with China imminent, asteroids ala Greenland, COVID-20. I don’t know, but I’ll save the guessing for Disclosure.

Relieved mainly. For me every ‘boring’ day is a gift. I’ll use that time to learn something new, add more prep. I really hope we’re all wrong and we get a happy ending but gotta be ready for anything. Lots of pieces moving around the board.

Paying attention to the discrepanies in messaging and which items are censored or ignored can provide a deeper understanding when looking at threat analysis. The omission of coverage regarding something so relevant to the industry in question should give you insight into one of the many threats we currently face.

Distractions distractions

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