Two major strains. S and L. L (the more aggressive one) is currently the main one

Two major strains. S and L. L (the more aggressive one) is currently the main one

⤺ reposted by @marionawfal from March 4th. Donxihu district, wuhan. A couple jumped.

I’m surprisingly impressed by the value in this group. I ignore 90% of groups on WhatsApp, including ones I run, due to the lack of value in them

On Telegram I literally ignore ALL of them

I’m part of 1 covid19 WhatsApp group FULL of fake news and baseless conspiracy theories and opinions

This group seems fact-based and value packed. I am grateful for the invite :pray:

There’s still crazy stuff here. Just scroll. I appreciate the on the street videos.

Haha ok I won’t scroll too much :joy:

You won’t need to. Thanks to Aries it’s mostly sane here.

I was invited here as one of my companies works with medical supply wholesalers as well as hospitals and we’re struggling with supply as with everyone (masks and other equipment).

It’s fascinating to see the team start working with idle factories in neglected countries (Africa, some Asian countries, Latin America) to help them pivot to the manufacturing of medical equipment, especially masks

It’s a crazy idea but necessary, and governments are supporting this initiative out of necessity!!

Wow. I met a sales rep from 3M while I was on vacation last week and he said thank god they also produce in the states bc China requisitioned all locally produced masks

had to happen

France did the same and other countries considering it

I have a friend who works there. She told me even their own employees can’t get their hands on the PPEs. I was inquiring about the exchange filters for gas masks. She asked three different whole sale reps and nobody has it in stock.