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⤺ reposted by @Ayrie007 from Pilots were just telling me that

what happened to the children?:scream: the translation from arabic to german is not so good on twitter

@derekm00r3 I live about 25 miles south of Seattle. Work downtown. Lmk if you need any info

Spit on their honor
The bastards march for the circus and elections to see what brought these innocent children to the head.

This is Ali Asghar Shiraz Hospital today :scream:
Tweet back to let people know what they got

it looks as if they have very much difficulty in breathing, like having pneumonia

Is this corona related ^ Anyone know?

Yes… its hard to watch :persevere:

It is…

I am trying to find more info… broader perspective

The comments on Twitter dont talk about covid or corona

When translate some

Can anyone verify pls

Yeah me too, i will take a look on twitter

But where are they? :disappointed:

Simona do you know about Portugal? They have first case?

Everything indicates to yes

Its in Iran



Wuhan people show the price of buying dishes

Read the comments

I did

Nothing about corona

How many died

Aren’t they the father of a mother, who’s going to slaughter everything without sludge, and kill their filthy puppies before they go crazy. God damn it, my fucking fuckin ’

Looks more like election riots with kids as victims

But cant say. Thats why i ask

Total? " official " numbers?