Tunnel rats: Warfighters can now train in subterranean warfare


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Ok boss, You want us to read this for information, or would you like us to come up with a solution?

Read that info. You’ll know what’s up

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I did. I seen that it was basically info about Fort Bragg’s SubT training. I was curious on whether we needed to stow the info in our brains or try and troubleshoot…

Just in case: power lines. Back to old comms. I bet some tunnels even have them already. This will sound stupid to some, but miners also trained birds to carry messages. Not a brilliant idea, a bit primitive, and not fail safe either, but those are all I’ve got.

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natural causes hey…hmm…

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Just to show you how fucked you are underground

Just to give you an idea of what it means to do a mission with no Radio :radio: To the surface.

Put yourself in their shoes

Rather fucked I would say. Those sub t troops have massive balls of steel.

Speaking of Balls of Steel… haven’t watched yet but just saw it, REspect :fist: