Trump to Declare National Emergency to Speed Virus Response

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Oh dear

Start documenting stuff folks, this is history

They’re using my barracks as a fucming quarantine zone because a bunch of mavy guys got fucking corona virus in Italy and now I’m being forced out of my room

Ultimate Black or Orange Swan: Bolsonaro has been tested & is waiting for results but Brazilian press reporting he’s positive. Allegedly the first test was positive and he is getting tested again for confirmation of it. So it is quite possible that both Trump & Pence have it too if Bolsonaro were to be confirmed to be positive (& Trump looked awful on TV). If both Trump & Pence were incapacitated for long enough to be forced to give up power - even temporarily - then the next one in the line of command to become Prez would be House Speaker and Dem leader Nancy Pelosi!

South Africa - NICD.:speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Working during covid19 lunch starter pack

are you a nurse or doctor?

I’m hearing we’re weeks away from the surge? The wait is torturous!

Let us hope it never arises. But it likely will.

5-21 days to show symptoms. 7-14 days after that to show severe symptoms. Most fatalities occur in weeks 4-6. Most people recover in the same time span.

So, if you studied the Wuhan rates

Thats a long suffering time

America is next by about 2-3 weeks. Should see very similar numbers in NY and CA

The country’s largest economies will be shuttered

bet on it

He also announced that San Antonio will be the first city in the state to have a “drive-thru” testing facility for COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus.
He said the new testing location could open as early as Friday. It isn’t immediately clear how many people could be tested.
As of the Friday afternoon press conference, Abbott said at least 39 people in the state have tested positive (not including the 11 confirmed cases among American evacuees at JBSA-Lackland). He said 220 Texans have been tested for the virus so far and 75 others are being tested currently.

No, office job my company is late to the game they still think they are going to stagger workers next week

Got my laptop today though

Aries does the us military have enough vents?