Trump says the coronavirus is the Democrats' 'new hoax'


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Anyone seen credible info on the Korean Air flight attendant who bounced around Los Angeles going to restaurants?

Part 2- your lungs on covid-19

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#國際 俄警滿大街抓華人隔離 中國人猶如驚弓之鳥


#International Russian police seize Chinese isolation

Russia is the only country that has officially ordered a series of actions directed specifically at the Chinese by the state. Russian society has always been wary of the Chinese, and this force will be fueled and fuelled. The Chinese experience in Russia is reminiscent of the treatment of Jews by German Nazi fascists, but the difference was that Jews at that time did not have their own country.

Next outbreaks will be in Beijing including people in Manhattan!

История о том, как русского забаррикадировали в Китае.

The story of how a Russian was barricaded in China.


South Korea has reported 594 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 2,931 and 16 deaths. At the same time, there were only 4 cases in China except Hubei. :frog: (liars)


The blood and tear complaints of Chinese students from Moscow University were written from left to right on February 20, 27, and 29, respectively. The situation is getting worse: "Tonight, cooking in the kitchen and chatting with several Chinese classmates. We agree. , Came to a conclusion: if the outbreak in Moscow, one of the Chinese here will be counted as one, all of them have to be detained in concentration camps. "
Only Soviet Russia knows how to deal with Yellow Russia


Following the use of reserve rice, 20,000 tons of central reserve pork were placed. Everyone hurry to hoard meat! !! !! :scream::scream::scream:

:red_circle: 8-hours of anesthesia, a colleague of aircraft repair and maintenance engineer on the effect of the corona virus!

‏🔴ساعت ۸ صبح بیهوش شدن یکی از همکاران مهندسی تعمیرات و نگهداری هواپیما بر اثر ویروس کرونا!

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These numbers from South Korea give us a current CFR of .5%

Iran’s is 50%

What a difference medical care makes

But we don’t know recoveries do we?

And it’s early for SK

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Crows for centuries have been closely connected with death. The main reason for this is crows feed on carrion-- the flesh of the dead. Because of this many cultures associate crows with death and dying. Some cultures in the past believed that crows were messengers of death. How this reputation came about is certainly understandable but is unfair.
If we look at examples in history around the world it becomes clear why so many cultures have a tradition of associating crows with death. In mans’ early history bodies were not buried, it was a common sight to see crows feasting upon human corpses.
For centuries crows during times of war have been observed following soldiers onto battle fields where they wait patiently for the battle to be over so they can feed upon the fallen. In medieval Western Europe during an outbreak of the Bubonic plague people noted crows feeding upon the victims’ stacked bodies.
Because of this association with death crows over time gained a bad reputation. But not all cultures viewed them in this light.
Some Native American cultures see crows as a positive symbol because they believe the crow acts as a communicator or liaison between this world and the next. They are viewed as assisters that help the decease cross over.
The Tibetans held a somewhat similar belief-- they once placed pieces of bodies on top of temples so that crows could carry them to the next life.
The early Celtics viewed crows as the mediators between the human and spirit worlds. They believed that crows were oracles which god used to speak to them. This belief probably came about because crows can be trained to talk. So to some cultures crows are spiritual or supernatural in nature.
Over time this belief that crows were connected to death was used to teach lessons.
In the 13th century Talmud, a vast collection of Jewish laws, there is a story where a crow teaches Adam and Eve to bury the body of their son. Adam and Eve being confronted with this first dead body on earth after creation did not know what to do with it. The story states the crow then kills another crow and buries it in front of Adam and Eve as a demonstration.
In an early Buddhist tradition monks would sit in a graveyard and concentrate on decomposing bodies, again in a time before bodies were properly buried, later this was done through imagery and mediation. At one point during this guided meditation the monk would see the image of a crow feasting upon his own corpse. The idea behind this was to keep death always in the forefront.
In a similar western tradition the Benedictine monks founded by St. Benedict, who once claimed a crow saved his life by warning him about a piece of poisoned bread, believed death should be kept always before the living.
The reason these two groups used the crow and its scavenging ways was to remind them that the presence of death is a part of the natural cycle of life. When we can see and understand the ephemerality of our lives we learn to appreciate life on a daily basis
The false belief that crows bring death has resulted in a variety of myths and superstitions being passed down from one generation to the next. One of the most prevalent of these myths is about crows in graveyards. People say they hang out in them because of their connection to death. After all crows are big, black, and spooky.

Isidore of Seville [7th century CE] (Etymologies, Book 12, 7:44): The crow is an old bird. Seers say that it increases anxiety by the indications it gives, reveals ambushes, predicts rain, and foretells the future. But it is a great wickedness to believe that God gives his counsel to crows.