Trump Gets Totally Stoned In Lively 7-Hour Interview With Joe Rogan

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I know this is The Bee (I’m a huge fan) and it’s satire, BUT I am stoked they are pushing for this event… and there’s a reason for that.

The people at The Bee are very smart, so chances are they are already aware of this…

The thing to know about this, if you follow predictive linguistics, is that the predicted temporal marker for moving out of the white world and into “scifi world,” the marker for the event that leads us to Open Eyes disclosure, is precisely THIS EVENT - Trump appearing on Rogan. (Strange, right? But this is the exact event the data pointed to.)

The sooner this occurs, we will know we’ve crossed a threshold. So, seeing it appear within the zeitgeist is a very good sign… :slight_smile:

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I thought of it last night, open eyes means they pull the cloaking orders on the ships. And the whole world can see how many have been here, and are here.

I’d like to live in reality. It seems we will need to shortly… better get used to the idea.

Yes but one thing is to look at them, another is to be in them