Triage at an Italian Hospital

Triage at an Italian Hospital

⤺ reposted by @Porfetx from #Viewpoint Turkmenistan wants to have its own financial system, will it succeed?

hospitals are nearly collapsing in the regions of the outbreak

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They censored me

which channel?

A social justice warrior coronavirus one. Reported the Italian hospital video

Don’t want to see the truth

Now I can’t message public groups lol

You need to forward into your group

My postings

do you have confirmation about that video?

For a week

Wtf why even report?

No idea

Words on the wall are in Italian

who shoot it and where?

Im new here and im seeing reading more here…

I’m already doing it bro

And it’s not my group

Than i would, have anywhere…

Keep doing it I’m in the penalty box

Son of a…

fuck them

But I forward only someone of them

We tell the truth here