"Translations from the Wokeish"

“Translations from the Wokeish”

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These are priceless. They remind me of Ambrose Bierce. Well done and highly amusing if not for the state we’re in. But it’s better to laugh than the alternative.

lol they might be a satire account

wisdom of union square park

No, it’s James Lindsay’s. These are tongue in cheek but real.

Ambrose Bierce was satire as well - but he meant it. Just had a backhanded hilarious way of putting it.

@AriesAzazel rice is much cheaper than plastic ,that plastic rice thing just a fake news

It doesn’t matter which is cheaper. It matters which is more abundant. And right now, that’s plastic. Connect the dots.

If you want to pretend you’re not having a food shortage, how do you do it? And what does that say about rice in the marketplace? And how can you best prepare to have rice (preferably real rice that isn’t plastic)?

It’s not being done to undercut the market. It’s being done to preserve appearances.

I lived in china before,and I read Chinese. Those fake news appeared in Chinese midia around 10 years ago.

Aries, [Oct 11, 2020 at 9:20:53 PM]:
视频作者:(餐厅)店员介绍的,说是肥瘦相间的牛肉,也没吃出牛肉味来,一夹就碎。Video by :frowning: restaurant) staff briefing, saying that fat and lean beef, are just beef flavored not real meat (fake beef)

Fake Eggs, Fake Honey, Fake Beef as well as Fake Rice. have all hit the Chinese markets.

Keep food prepping

Do it for funsies

  1. Go to Twitter.
  2. Write: Shortage stock up
  3. Read “Top” tweets, see date.
  4. Sort by “Latest”, read tweets.
  5. Analyze Intel.
  6. Draw a hypothesis for the next 6 months.

If it’s not real, explain fake beef, fake honey, and fake eggs emerging simultaneously.


Dated October 10th, 2020

I don’t know much about honey and beef, but I’m sure fake egg is lie

Dude wtf we have the videos

Cut the crap

CCP FAKE EGGS :egg::fried_egg: / Things are getting so bad in China that Counterfeit eggs are being sold in markets.

CCP FAKE EGGS :egg::fried_egg: / В Китае дела идут плохо из-за того, что поддельные яйца продаются на рынках.

BBC 2016, confiscated imports from China to Nigeria. Apparently this has been going on for a long time:

Posted October 5th, fake eggs


If you want to be in denial no problem

If you can make plastic egg and sell it at real egg price, you gonna broke

And yet video evidence exist and you still deny it lol :joy:

I can’t believe people exist that are in denial

Unless the Wǔmáo are back in Doomsday

Seems like they’ve never left