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Healthcare professionals do not dress in full hazmat gear for a tummy flu. This has to be bigger.

Look at these motherfuckers spitting on elevator keys before the pandemic

Culling won’t end with animals…

2 flus at the same time? Ffs

We are due. Every 100 years there’s a big flu outbreak

#中共國 盛世螻蟻,命如草芥,
一個數字被抹去了,不,他連數字可能都不是。:rage: # 中共 国 Shengshi cricket ants, like grass and mustard,
A number has been erased. No, he may not even be a number. :rage:

A case confirmed in Boston

Meta data in the video

I don’t have access to it but that is how

Can someone check and take a screenshot and share?


Examples of elevators being fucked with

People are so fucked up

Counting Body Bags

For those who want to do forensics on digital files posted here

China is 12-15 hours ahead

so maybe it was created and immediately sent here

共产党的全新疗法,子弹里装的是所谓治病的药。An unknown person armed with a Glock pistol and a semi-automatic 95 entered the community. The rifle is a fully automatic 95-1, and the semi-automatic is a civilian version 97a or 97b exported to Canada. It is manufactured by the North Weapons Manufacturing Factory. The pistol is more like 92. :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: The Communist Party’s new therapy, the bullet contains what is called a cure.

Or maybe it was a “save-as” created on 1-30 of a longer video filmed 1-02. From what I can tell, there’s no way to tell. Here’s a link to the full results: