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a girl bought this disinfectant in 2009 and it is written active on coronavirus

Coronavirus has been around a while — this is a specific strain

Not know this information

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These people are idiots. This is “A type” of Coronavirus. There are many strains.

We have purchased

To redirect to the Bitchute video of Corona-unMasked

Please share and raise awareness/impact on whats truly going on

Sad to say but Part 3 of Corona-unMasked might be coverage of videos coming in from the EU

I will be sharing it

Thank you

I’ve noticed after posting pictures of empty shelves of Italian Supermarket finally seems that Americans are waking up

I think you are right

Yeah. Empty shelfs made me finally realise shits gonna be bad. Going to stock up

Thank you guys for sharing this information :slight_smile:
No more news in Australia

When will Corona unmasked part 3 be on bitchute? I just looked and it’s not there

I have seen 1 and 2

I need to get a quality nbc mask

In a week or 2

Keep sharing 1 and 2

Thanks Aries

I have been sharing to different groups, and on my fb wall

My fear is as the series progresses it will be us compiling footage from here in the Homefront (United States)


the misinformation campaign to keep the public calm is working so far. im telling my loved ones to not trust the news and take this as seriously as possible. especially with a global economic recession creeping its head in march. we are very close to riots, robberies, and mass panic. i encourage everyone to call, not text, your loved ones and sincerely warn them for the worst. the most important message, i would say, is to wipe phones, first and foremost, wallets, and keyboards with disinfectants.