Top U.S. General in Korea says military personnel who attended the church are on mandatory self-quarantine.

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I seriously want to learn how to play Mahjong

To understand why people are willing to break Quarantine to play

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@Montblanccc did the Chinese government send a death certificate? For your Aunt

Did your family contact the Chinese Embassy?


Ok let’s begin


Some media people believe that: Wuhan Virus Research Institute issued a post in response to rumors. The style is not for the people, but for the Party Central Committee: Don’t listen to them nonsense, I have always been obedient. This shows that the Wuhan Research Institute has felt that the government has some problems in its trust and is afraid that it will be pushed out by other parties to sacrifice the flag.

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@新浪视频: 【第一个公开质疑核酸检测可靠性的医生:“敢言”是一种宝贵的品质】2月3日,武汉大学中南医院影像科张笑春教授发朋友圈,公开质疑用核酸检测确诊新冠肺炎的可靠性,建议用CT影像作为诊断主要依据。这条信息迅速引发关注,许多医生朋友纷纷发声表示支持。2月5日,国家卫健委印发第五版新冠肺炎诊疗方案,规定将CT影像作为临床诊断标准(仅限于湖北省)。张笑春如释重负,她说,“敢言”是一种宝贵的品质,尤其是此时此地此情此景,每犹豫一分钟,可能都是以生命为代价的。她同时表示,在与病魔战斗的过程中,医务人员对疾病的认识也是一个逐步深入的过程。一开始可能比较肤浅,提出的观点可能有些唐突,随着实践经验的不断积累,会逐步修正前面的认识。希望大家多宽容,少苛责,医务人员才敢表达自己真实的想法。(长江日报)

@ 上海 视频: [The first doctor to openly question the reliability of nucleic acid detection: “Dare to speak” is a valuable quality] On February 3, Professor Zhang Xiaochun, Department of Imaging, Zhongnan Hospital, Wuhan University, sent a circle of friends to openly question the use of nucleic acid detection To confirm the reliability of new coronary pneumonia, CT imaging is recommended as the main basis for diagnosis. This message quickly attracted attention, and many doctors’ friends voiced their support. On February 5, the National Health and Medical Commission issued the fifth edition of the new crown pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan, which stipulates that CT images are used as clinical diagnostic standards (only in Hubei Province). Zhang Xiaochun was relieved. She said that “daring to speak” is a valuable quality, especially when the situation is here and now, every minute of hesitation may be at the cost of life. She also said that in the process of fighting the disease, medical personnel’s understanding of the disease is also a step by step process. It may be superficial at first, and the points raised may be abrupt. With the continuous accumulation of practical experience, the previous understanding will be gradually revised. I hope that everyone will be more forgiving and less blameful, so that medical staff dare to express their true ideas. (Changjiang Daily)

全球排华浪潮开始!韩国首尔,大车游街,高喊:中国人滚出去,武汉人滚出去 !

The global wave of Chinese exclusion begins! Seoul, South Korea, the cart toured the street, shouting: Chinese people get out, Wuhan people get out!


A few Kaiser facilities here confirmed coronavirus cases

And so it begins.


Just remember the training






盛宣怀诧异问道:“ 中堂为何不射?”

李鸿章反问道:“ 你们可知道“身怀利器,杀心自起”,这句话么?”

盛宣怀和伍廷芳同时点头,“ 也曾听到过。”

李鸿章:“ 我却是时时拿这句话来警策己身啊!”


“一个人身上带着一把利刃,他会情不自禁的有拿着这利刃去砍杀,伤害他人的冲动;同样,一个人,那怕他握有一点小小的权力时,他也会难以遏制地想将这个权力施于他人。这就是为什么县衙的差役,甚至一个收税的小吏,也经常作威作福,叱骂、殴打寻常百姓的缘故了。 吾辈为国之大臣,一言一行都将使千百万人受其利害,因此,更要慎用权力。这把金左轮手枪,乃光绪六年俄国皇太子送给我的礼物,十余年来我经常带在身上,但迄今为止从未开过一枪。我是以此来培养定力,遏制杀心,警策自身切勿滥用权力啊!”

“With weapon, killing heart”

On the way to inspect the Beiyang Marine Division, Li Hongzhang encountered a hare on the side of the road. He pulled out the revolver from his waist, his face was suddenly condensed, and he raised his gun to aim—

For a long time, no gunfire sounded.

When looking at Li Hongzhang again, his face was already peaceful, and the gun also dropped.

Sheng Xuanhuai asked in wonder: “Why didn’t Zhongtang shoot?”

Li Hongzhang asked, “Do you know that” you are armed with sharp weapons and you can kill yourself from your heart? "

Sheng Xuanhuai and Wu Tingfang nodded at the same time, “Have heard it before.”

Li Hongzhang: “I always use this sentence to warn myself!”

As he walked, he slowly said:

"A person has a sharp blade on his body, and he can’t help but have the urge to use it to kill and hurt others; similarly, a person, even if he has a little power, he will be difficult to curb I want to give this power to others. This is why the county servants, even a tax collector, often do great things, blaming and assaulting ordinary people. My generation is the minister of the country, saying everything Millions of people will be affected by it, so use power more carefully. This golden revolver is a gift given to me by the Crown Prince of Russia in the 6th year of Guangxu. I have been with me for more than ten years, but so far I have never fired a shot. I use this to cultivate concentration, curb killing, and warn myself not to abuse power! "


You are in WuHan


No, rumors has it in our family that the government burned her body, even our government did not mind our concerns over taking her body and giving it a proper burial

Fuck. SF?

6,000 ordered to self-quarantine alone in Cali


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