TOP stories: an explosion left a gaping hole in a concrete storage silo at the AG Partners facility (Royal, Iowa).…

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How does a cement silo burst?

Where are this dude’s parents

For the record, you know how they say “never read the comments.”

The entirety of Twitter IS “the comments.”

It was more tolerable back in the day when it was just a bunch of SV egos vying to get single letter handles to save precious characters.

That should tell you something…

Not sure what actually happened in this case. But there is a significant hazard with grain silos. The dust can ignite…explode. Again, not sure what happened specifically in this event, but dust explosion is a possibility with grain silos.

Looks like they are still investigating:

Yes but cement powder isnt explosive

Grain silo explosions are quit common

The story reports that the silo was used to store corn and beans, but was mostly empty

I was reading it as it was a cement storage silo

Mr. Wizard on how powders like flour explode (or maybe cement powder)

“Urban policy makers and humanitarian actors did indeed provide aid to those who lost their houses. But they also planned for an oversupply of material – all in an effort to prevent tensions from escalating. This response pointed to the fact that relief actors in situations such as those in Alexandra have to engage with underlying vulnerabilities and divisions in the communities they serve. Textbook models don’t account for this.”

“I conducted research that involved interviews with experts to shed light on how the conflict–disaster interface manifests itself in Alexandra. Disasters, such as the floods, and their recovery reveal the urban politics and conflicts in the affected communities as well as in wider urban governance. Paying attention to the urban disaster managers’ understanding of place-based risk sheds light on the continuously compounding vulnerability and lack of sustainable disaster risk reduction in communities at risk.”

“…they devised creative practices in their relief operations. Instead of supporting just victims of the disaster, charity organisations and city agencies would provide relief to other beneficiaries too. Instead of distributing 100 blankets, they would hand out 200 so that neighbours not directly affected by the flood received something too in an effort to avoid tensions. Another example was that non-governmental organisations and local government would provide construction material for residents to rebuild their houses. This was done in the full knowledge that the location of the houses made the residents vulnerable to flooding. Nevertheless, this kind of support was an efficient way to provide shelter, stability, and a sense of dignity.”

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Fake surrender. Pulls gun. Armless and harmless

Laura is a Cat 3 - nearly a Cat 4.

This is extremely dangerous.

Many of the buildings in this region, unfortunately, are not built to withstand these types of storms. The building codes need to change.

If you have friends or family in the coastal region, please advise them to shutter up and evacuate.

They might say it’s “no big deal.”

It IS absolutely a big deal.

Show them pictures of what damage from a Cat 4 actually looks like.

Err on the side of being annoying. It’s worth it.

Got it.

Thanks D

Anyone read the “survivors” series by james wesley? If so any good and whats the order?

No prob!