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#郭文貴 先生

#Mr. Guo Wengui
The Chinese Communist Party does not allow the US CDC and other infectious disease organizations to enter, but is afraid of the truth
China should have 4-5 million people infected with coronavirus
More than 200,000 people have died
The true situation of the Hong Kong epidemic may be 10-20 times the public data of the Lin Zhengyue government
If Europe and the United States continue to believe the CCP’s official figures, there will be big trouble!

Quarantine Shenanigans

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On the streets of Xianning, Hubei, special police officers checked people when they saw them, and seized them without permits. The situation was like checking the civil certificates in enemy-occupied areas.


Some of the mild patients in the square cabin hospital were converted to severe patients. Am I right? These Chinese experts are really stupid.

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