Time for a spirit mission

Fuck him up Cadets!!

Time for a spirit mission

Colorado man swindles Air Force Academy cadets in Ponzi scheme

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Oh ty I’m gonna have fun with this

Don’t be this White Worlder (normie)

Looters Prevention

We support GWOHT

As Joe Rogan’s Platform Grows, So Does the Media and Liberal Backlash. Why?

A reminder



They should get Mister T for advertising


But In a way this reminds me of the Bodega startup

They had the audacity to disrupt Bodegas and not have 1 Dominican on board


Seriously :unamused: they tried to replace these guys

The lesson here is

Don’t fuxk with cats

Such hard little workers


Unsung heroes :smiley_cat:


Denver Airport 45% increase in arrivals…Getting ready its happening soon…
Goodnight all
Stay safe

He’s going in a nowhere to nowhere, hovering over Arcadia now …

Esto resume muy bien las corrientes ideológicas y

Aclara las ideas a la gente