Thread of the Silkworm by Iris Chang .pdf

Thread of the Silkworm by Iris Chang .pdf

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I haven’t read this one yet - thank you!! :slight_smile:

back to Sagan.

This truth has quietly been buried but still appears in the algorithm with a specific search.

Sagan had Top Secret at USAF and Secret at NASA

He relinquished both

To go through the Green Door and then threw it all away.

Carl was part of the Legacy Space Force,

back then it had a different day.

AFSAB / Air Force Scientific Advisory Board

remember the frigates doing the long hual on the moon. It was build by AFSAB.

Carl got political with his last wife and protesting he knew he would be kicked out of the Black World so he resigned.

There has been many unsung heroes like Tesla.

Many are just briefly mentioned in Wikipedia and don’t have an extensive public dossier as Carl

He embraced the spotlight when he resigned to clearance (Black World) and the reason why many know about him.

I’ve already shown you some of them.

Don’t waste your time in politics.

I hope it’s starting to sink in.

This is the Rockwell Integrated Space Plan

everything on it has been completed

on the bottom of the chart

what does it say?

Ad Astra

The Bottom of the Chart says Ad Astra for a reason.

“through hardships to the stars”

so you can concentrate on these hardships

leave Earth

or stay in the Illusion

Carl Sagan made his choice

He decided to leave the project’s for the applause of the public. He broke his security clearances to tell others about A119.

The radiation discovered by the German-Chinese probe proves it.

For me, he was such an inspiration. As a child he prompted me to look up and know that there is more. Even to this day, the images and words he gave me of the vastness of space humbles me in the scope of the vastness of the Universe.

agreed he was an amazing educator. 100%

I am not saying he was a bad man at all.

I’m merely stating how politics poisons Black Projects

I certainly didn’t take it that way in the least

And your point is well taken

and why I strive for all of you to remain apolitical and focus on self improvement in Applied Sciences.

The World all of you are aware of the 9to5, facebook, starbucks, birthdays, Work till Retirement, etc etc

is a LIE

If you can elevate yourselves to leave it behind

do it.

We place is all over in Media

Many are called, few are chosen

If you can chooese the Blue Path :mage:‍♂ run to it

In the 80s and 90’s it was in Blockbuster and Sci-Fi films.

now it’s Sunday Nights on HBO

and Nolan films

as well as others (Rick and Morty, Mr. Robot, Colony, Solar Opposites etc)

even on PBS

We have your kids learning to grow food on Mars, with one kid wearing a Blue Coverall (Blue World) take a fucking hint.

:slight_smile: The Domes

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.
Ernest Hemingway

“While working on his doctoral dissertation, Sagan revealed US Government classified titles of two Project A119 papers when he applied for a University of California, Berkeley scholarship in 1959. The leak was not publicly revealed until 1999, when it was published in the journal Nature. A follow-up letter to the journal by project leader Leonard Reiffel confirmed Sagan’s security leak.”

Any blue world nursery rhymes?

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When was this observed?

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