those drugs are very very toxic

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those drugs are very very toxic

you can go blind

no shortcuts

Should this elevate to a local or national crisis, you will want the information these radio nets will provide. With a radio scanner, you can listen in to your local HAM operators exchanging valuable emergency response information over local radio nets.

Yes I’m posting to warn the room

The studies I originally heard about coming out of China were not hopeful for Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine. My guess is it modulates the immune system and keeps it from killing the lungs/heart. I’d still prefer to take lopinavir/ritonavir

Start a radio sister group

Unless you feel proficient enough

To do a Q/A

The news concerning hydroxychloroquine has been very positive lately. It’s odd how negative the news was until about a week ago.

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Where would you recommend sourcing a radio like that? Amazon probably wouldn’t deliver one now.

How do I share the link to this group to a friend? The link in the info is not working

Amazon is overloaded but still working

I got mine at a Wal-Mart on vacation

Was just thinking… All those spring breakers are going to be a HUGE catalyst! In about a weeks time many will be ill and a week after and the week after because of the incubation period… Fml

I know i live in Fl :woman_facepalming:t2:

The incubation period is most likely about to hit us with unimaginable force… Globally


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Not only there but when they fly back to their home towns… The people on the planes traveling and whom ever they come in contact with. Holy heaven.