Those are bullshit numbers

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Sorry that was an accident

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Just showing what the authorities are saying. CDC cited with China’s NHC.

How many bodies do you think are being cremated in this clip? Guys/Gals?

#觀點 「我最害怕的是,我們彼此互相安慰著,調侃著,卻正在步入一場浩劫。就像電影場景中的猶太人,互相安慰著,卻排著隊步入集中營的毒氣室。」武漢正在用病毒屠城!火葬場升起巨大的白煙。奧斯維辛集中營中的焚化爐都不曾有這麼巨大的白煙⋯⋯武漢人,到底死了多少!#Viewpoint “What I am most afraid of is that we comfort each other, ridicule each other, but are entering a catastrophe. Just like the Jews in the movie scene, comfort each other, but line up into the gas chamber of the concentration camp.” Wuhan Killing the city with a virus! A huge white smoke rose from the crematorium. The incinerator in the Auschwitz concentration camp never had such a huge amount of white smoke ravaging Wuhan people, how many died!


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This context is only useful if the Chinese stats are accurate. You know the country that wouldn’t even let the WHO in.

Why isn’t the WHO more skeptical of Chinese numbers?

I understand Chinese censorship from an incentive point of view, but why isn’t there any doubt from anyone

Are these numbers correct?

I agree. I made the mistake of trying to use sarcasm in the message. Sorry everyone! My point was that the official agencies are not yet sharing any meaningful information and are minimizing what is actually happening.

Global Panic

Oh I knew it was a joke I was playing along :slight_smile:


Any news from South Africa?

So they’re “rolling it out”?

And letting people off cruise ships to create the appearance of nonchalance?

Mike if you were in the shoes of the director of the WHO or the President or Putin or Xi you’d do the same

Down play the numbers as long as you can

Very possible

Let the elites hunker down

Yes because the money wil stop flowing… People will stop going to work

Then do your best to control information

But bitcoin won’t stop working