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Nice job Boris

I have bad news from Russia. Officials and doctors are completely irresponsible to the danger.
Last night, the chief infekionist of the Stavropol Territory, professor of the medical Academy of Stavropol, Irina Sannikova, was hospitalized in intensive care with “bilateral pneumonia”. Now she is in very serious condition on the ventilator, doctors are fighting for her life.
Sannikova spent a vacation in Spain 2 weeks ago, and returned already with the symptoms of the Corona. However, she began to work.
She lectured to students of the medical academy for two weeks, possessing all the signs of Corona! The day before resuscitation, this idiot held two “coronavirus” meetings and a conference in which 300 residents and students of a medical university took part. The whole “top” of Stavropol - the governor, the mayor, local ministers and other officials attended the conference. She also appeared on television.
Now, due to the irresponsible attitude of this lady, more than 500 people are at risk, and the infectious diseases hospital in which she worked as a doctor has been quarantined!

Here is what a relative of Professor Sannikova said:

  • For a long time I was skeptical about coronavirus information. But today at 12 o’clock the laboratory confirmed that coronavirus was confirmed at our doctor who came from Spain - this is our main infectious disease specialist in the Stavropol Territory, Dr. Sannikova. At the moment she is in intensive care in serious condition on mechanical ventilation. And yesterday, she held a conference where 300 doctor-residents and students attended, and she conducted classes for 4th year students.
    Therefore, now in the Stavropol we the first coronavirus is officially confirmed, nd within two weeks the number of cases will increase significantly.
    Draw conclusions: if a person was at work yesterday at time lunch, but already at intensive care at night, then how fast the disease progresses with lightning speed!
    The disease is very serious, so take care of yourself and your families.

This is just an outrageous situation!

If doctors and medical workers are so careless, then I am scared to imagine what will happen to people in Russia.

Rob Counts is one of the hosts for Edge of Wonder on YT. They cover a lot of really good stuff in depth. If anyone knows him or Ben Chasteen they would be hugely helpful in this group.

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No. Greenbacks or Swiss Francs?

found some statistics on coronavirus

How many people were tested in the countries of the world per million inhabitants

Public health spending by country, in thousands of dollars per inhabitant

From my family’s group text:

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Yes, that’s why the Russians are writing a Trump petition. Although it’s funny