This story is from April 2020

This story is from April 2020

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from This retweet from Monkey today compounds with what was brought to light earlier with adrenochrome docs

If Monkey is posting it he’s getting them (his followers) ready for October Surprise

It looks like something is in the werx. This story looks like it has been happening for a long time 2012 to present

1000s of years

Majestic fought it

So did JFK

So are the teams right now

Every night

Since July 4th 2019

The address listed for Cym Corp/CS Yorington (CEO) is Trump Tower in Manhattan.

The CYM. Corporation HQ: 725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, United States Of America, Office 292
Deliveries: 200 Forbes st #200, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States Of America

New Aircraft in the field

Please Note this plane and how odd it is, this was yesterday in las Vegas, First look at the speed compared to commercial or even air force…640 FPM…i mean 3 times the normal…then lets look at the degrees 210 this plane is flying sideways down .
NA to NA and its BLOCKED …wow

Please Note the speed of this plane and degrees… note No tail number …no call sign … and BLOCKED…

Most plane 160-200 fpm that one above 640 fpm

also that plane is flying at 210 degrees , good bye lunch

The toys :teddy_bear: are coming out!!!

It’s blocked
Not Janet
Has to be special forces

Regarding Janet

Things are not looking good

6 last night

3 so far tonight

If you know what this means you would keep preparing

Janet34 and Janet24
Keep an eye on those


4 Janets at once: 34, 36, 82, 86

When looking for them in twitter search by “NV65”

This is highly unusual

Especially non operational hours

2 to 3 are normal

4 to 5 means Defcon/FPCON Charlie

6 is Defcon/FPCON Delta


Is I see 6 flights going to Dreamland during non operational hours

Is when I know SHTF is most imminent

That would equal Delta

In that case watch the Greenland :greenland: trailer

If 6 planes :airplane: are going to Dreamland

Instead of the usual 2 to 3

At once