this seems to have things in stock

this seems to have things in stock

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Thanks for the link

Is. P100 gas mask effective?

Yes but probably can be difficult to breath through for people not in good shape.

even better than N95 :shushing_face:

Also… you’ll need to disinfect it after every use. Very carefully.


Disinfect it with what? Is Lysol spray enough?

the tricky part is disinfecting the respirator before taking it off

How often do you need to replace the filters?


Web pass: sacrificed little Persian nurse. :scream:

for whom it may concern, catalogue of disposable N95 (only 3M here, but there’s lot more brands out there like Elvex, Onemed, etc etc)

A lot of focus on masks

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After each use I was told. And you need to disinfect the rest of the mask. Maybe someone else here feels different.