This seems more like a general readiness alert

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This seems more like a general readiness alert

We shall see, you don’t place knock off S300 (HQ-9 and HQ-22) between the borders of China and India and the South Asian Sea (near Taiwan) for readiness alerts.

given that in the spring all of Beijing was hung with posters in event of nuclear attack, such actions not surprising at all.

Perhaps it looks surprising, because we have not noticed what is really happening in China, since spring…

Here are just the last moments :point_down:

:cn::us: The PLA Air Force has posted on its official WeChat a video “God of War Xian H-6K missile carrier” showing a future missile attack on a US military base in Guam
#China #USA #Guam #war

:cn::us: ВВС НОАК опубликовало на своем официальном аккаунте WeChat ролик “Бог войны ракетоносец Xian H-6K”, демонстрирующий ракетный удар по американской военной базе на Гуаме
#Китай #США #Гуам #война

:cn: #China
:black_small_square:The newest Chinese military icebreaker of project 272, built at the shipyard Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Company, Ltd. (BSHIC) in Huludao. The icebreaker is equipped with a large airstrip capable of receiving heavy helicopters of Z-8 type
:black_small_square:Rare footage of a Chinese modernized strategic nuclear submarine with Type 094 ICBMs going on combat patrols at sea

:cn: #Китай
:black_small_square:Новейший китайский военный ледокол проекта 272, построенный на судостроительном предприятии Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Company, Ltd. (BSHIC) в Хулудао. Ледокол оснащен большой взлетно-посадочной площадкой, способной принимать тяжелые вертолеты типа Z-8
:black_small_square:Редкие кадры выхода на боевое патрулирование в море китайской модернизированной стратегической атомной подводной лодки с межконтинентальными баллистическими ракетами Тип 094
source Dambiev

:cn:China for the first time demonstrated launch of a supersonic anti-ship missile YJ-18 from a destroyer of O52D project of PLA Navy
Its design is similar to the Russian 3M54-T Caliber-NK (NATO code SS-N-27A ‘Sizzler’). Missiles 3M-54E ((SS-N-27B ‘Sizzler’, or Club-S) have a three-stage design - an accelerator, a rocket and a supersonic nose with a warhead, as a weapon of eight submarines of project 636M (delivered by Russia in 2004-2006 years). Firing range of YJ-18 anti-ship missiles can be 290 nautical miles, or 537 km.

:cn: Китай впервые продемонстрировал пуск сверхзвуковой ПКР YJ-18 с эсминца проекта O52D ВМС НОАК
По своей конструкции ракета схожа с российской 3М54-Т Калибр-НК
Ракеты 3М-54Э ( (SS-N-27B ‘Sizzler’, или Club-S) имеют трехступенчатую конструкцию — ускоритель, ракета и сверхзвуковая носовая часть с боеголовкой, в качестве вооружения восьми ПЛ пр. 636М (поставлены из России в 2004-2006 годах). Дальность стрельбы ПКР YJ-18 может составить 290 морских миль, или 537 км.

:cn: #China
:black_small_square:In official account of GAIC (Guizhou Aviation industry Group) on social network weibo, congratulations are received on the first successful landing on aircraft carrier of carrier-based version of Chinese Guizhou JL-9G combat trainer— carrier-based modification of JL-9 combat trainer developed by Guizhou at based on Guizhou JJ-7 (copy of Soviet MiG-21U)
:black_small_square:The first independent flights of first group of ten female cadets of the PLA Air Force Academy of Army Aviation took place

:cn: #Китай
:black_small_square:В официальном аккаунте компании GAIC (Guizhou Aviation industry Group) в социальной сети weibo принимаются поздравления с первой успешной посадкой на авианосец палубной версии китайского учебно-боевого самолета Guizhou JL-9G — палубной модификации китайского учебно-боевого самолета JL-9, разработанного компанией Guizhou на основе Guizhou JJ-7 (копия советского МиГ-21У)
:black_small_square:Состоялись первые самостоятельные полеты первой группы из десяти девушек-курсантов Академии армейской авиации ВВС НОАК

By the way, for the first time, China practiced a massive missile strike on an aircraft carrier group of the US Navy yet almost a month ago

:cn: For the first time, China practiced massive missile strike on aircraft carrier group of US Navy almost month ago
On August 26, China launched DF-21D two-stage solid-propellant ballistic anti-ship missiles with a maximum range of 1,500 km and DF-26 ballistic missiles with maximum range of 4,000 km from Qinghai and Zhejiang provinces at target in South China Sea
:black_small_square:On the same day, more than 40 warships of Northern Fleet of PLA Navy simultaneously put out to sea from Qingdao and Lushun naval bases

:cn: Впервые Китай отработал массированный ракетный удар по авианосной группе ВМС США почти месяц назад
26 августа в КНР провели пуски двухступенчатых твердотопливных баллистических противокорабельных ракет DF-21D с макс. дальностью 1500 км и баллистических ракет DF-26 с макс. дальностью 4000 км из провинций Цинхай и Чжэцзян по полигону в акватории Южно-Китайского моря
:black_small_square:В тот же день свыше 40 боевых кораблей Северного флота ВМС НОАК одновременно вышло в море из военно-морских баз Циндао и Люйшунь

At the end of August, a presentation video of a new Chinese high-precision 7.62 mm sniper rifle, developed by the Chinese company Jianshe Group for the PLA special forces and the People’s Armed Police of China, was published.

At the end of August, photos of the new Chinese Z-20 multipurpose helicopter also were published.

At the end of August, China also demonstrated a new amphibious reconnaissance vehicle with radar, designed to search, detect and identify moving ground targets, suppress detected targets and protect the crew.
Target radar detection range: man - 5 km, tank - 15 km.
The recognition range of the “tank” target by the optical-electronic system is 4.5-6 km.

September 1 from Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company Ltd. (DSIC, part of the state corporation China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation) in Dalian, the second Chinese aircraft carrier, Shandong, went to sea.

On September 1, China Flying Dragon Aviation made its first commercial flight on the Heihe-Mohe-Jagdaki route on upgraded Harbin Y-12F light turboprop 19-seater aircraft, demonstrated at the Moscow Air Show
Compared to its predecessor Y12E, it received a new wing, an enlarged fuselage, retractable landing gear, modern avionics, and more powerful RT6A-65B engines.

1 сентября китайская China Flying Dragon Aviation совершила первый коммерческий авиарейс по маршруту Хэйхэ-Мохэ-Джагдаки на модернизированном легком турбовинтовом 19-местном самолете Harbin Y-12F, продемонстрированном на Московском авиасалоне
По сравнению с предшественником Y12E, он получил новое бесподкосное крыло, увеличенный фюзеляж, убираемое шасси, современную авионику, а также более мощные двигатели РТ6А-65В.

:exclamation:In Eastern Europe problems with Telegram began again

Telegram service has a massive outage

The failures in Telegram are explained quite simply - another large-scale military exercise with presence of PLA military began in Russia and Belarus today. :point_down:

:ru: The strategic command-staff exercises Kavkaz-2020 began in Russia today in the Southern Military District, which will last on September 26.
:cn::belarus::pakistan::armenia::myanmar: In addition to 80 thousand soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces, military units from China, Belarus, Pakistan, Armenia and Myanmar are participating in the exercises.
#Russia #Belarus #China

:ru: Сегодня в России начались стратегические командно-штабные учения «Кавказ-2020» в Южном военном округе, которые продлятся 26 сентября.
:cn::belarus::pakistan::armenia::myanmar: Помимо 80 тысяч солдат российских ВС в учениях участвуют подразделения Китая, Беларуси, Пакистана, Армении и Мьянмы.
#Россия #Беларусь #Китай

:belarus::ru: The joint exercises of Belarusian and Russian Armed Forces Slavic Brotherhood-2020 continue on the Brestsky training ground, which will last until September 25
#Russia #Belarus

:belarus::ru: На территории полигона “Брестский” продолжаются совместные учения ВС Республики Беларусь и ВС РФ “Славянское братство-2020”, которые продлятся до 25 сентября
#Россия #Беларусь








As usual, not without incidents - KAMAZ of RF Armed Forces caught fire at one of the test sites

Как обычно, не обошлось без происшествий — на одном из полигонов загорелся КАМАЗ ВС РФ

The fliers for nuclear fall out. All of this with the newest announcement from China just seems like all of this has been leading up to the invisible war becoming visable and official. And they have been waring slowly building up, puffing up their chests, showing off and being more and more aggressive towards each other. Keep the masses dulled and distracted (division of sides and chaos from blm, antifa and anrachists in usa, worldwide protests and standoff between citizens and their governments, pandemic, lockdowns, popeye, massive fires destruction, hurricanes, floods, psychological warfare, attacking food sources, toppling economies etc) all to chip down the defenses of the various nations and people) I was wondering if there was a long term strategy over this summer to build up towards a longterm goal…

It’s becoming more clear now…

China is sending a message to the world. And the various governments I am sure don’t want the people knowing because panic and chaos will set in among the people. Also would make sense why troops coming home to the USA to be here on the front lines on our own soil. Because club ks are here in America.

:belarus::ru: The joint tactical exercises “Slavic Brotherhood-2020” with the participation of the paratroopers of the Pskov airborne forces of Russia and Special Operations Forces of Belarusian Armed Forces started on September 17, but today Lukashenko suddenly made a decision to hold the second stage of exercises from September 22 to 25. This was reported by Ministry of Defense of Belarus
#Russia #Belarus

:belarus::ru: Совместные тактические учения «Славянское братство-2020» с участием десантников псковского соединения ВДВ России и Сил специальных операций ВС Беларусь стартовали 17 сентября, но сегодня Лукашенко принял решение о проведении второго этапа учений с 22 по 25 сентября. Об этом сообщило Минобороны РБ
#Россия #Беларусь

:ukraine::uk: Perhaps Lukashenko’s decision is related to the United Efforts 2020 exercise taking place in southern Ukraine, in which take part servicemen of the elite special forces Pathfinders and SAS of the British Armed Forces
#Ukraine #UK

:ukraine::uk: Возможно, решение Лукашенко связано с проходящими на юге Украины учениями “Объединенные усилия-2020”, в которых принимают участие военнослужащие элитного спецподразделения Pathfinders (Следопыты) и SAS ВС Великобритании
#Украина #Великобритания

Thanks for such a good point about my days eating vegan. I had to be very resourceful and creative. And am used to alternatives because dairy has never sat well with me. And more dairy dry milk for my parents.

One can become so “anti” on swings between the vegan/meat thing that the skill is overlooked. So many I’ve pointed that out to never thought of it in that way. Lol…vegan skills for survival usually doesn’t click. …meh I should quit saying “vegan” with it’s connotations like those fools branding themselves.

So true. I still am used to eating a lot of vegan and vegetarian lifestyle (the healthy kind not processed foods). It’s just that eating meat was a big contributor for my own health recovery and healing. I saw the pics and the difference in how much my health vastly improved from being very sick.

Don’t forget the skills you learned. Many never embark on even learning them. They are definitely out of the box, and a challenge for many since we are talking about rethinking their food. If shtf, we will all have to rethink our food. Those skills you’ve learned could be vital.

:ukraine::uk: The United Efforts goal are the practical performance of tasks in a multinational environment according to NATO standards and procedures.
#Ukraine #UK #NATO

:ukraine::uk: Цель “Общих усилий” — выполнение задач по стандартам и процедурам НАТО.
#Ukraine #UK #НАТО

I have always been innovative and an outside the box pushing the edges of what’s possible and when told something is impossible I am just fueled to set out and achieve the inpossible. I am excited to realize these are valuable skills I have. Looking at what I stocked up it actually been a majority of vegan based protein options and coconut oil as alternative to butter. Stocked up on vegan milks (non refrigerated) but now need to get dry milk (vegan also last longer) and egg alternatives because we don’t have a solar or back up electric option if the grid goes down. Amazingly a prepper mentioned protein pancakes as a great way for protein and good fuel as well as oatmeal with nuts. Both of which had been my staple when vegan to get the nourishment I needed when not eating eggs. The same with vegan protein shakes as a breakfast option. Essential is good hardy breakfast especially if one eventually runs out of eggs. And bread only last so long if one does not have solar to keep bread cold or make new bread because no electricity. I really do need to look at what ways I could make a bread like substitute with out oven or breadmaker. My friend from india would make these bread like crepes from quonia and some other things. Also making tortillas on a pan. And also stock up on egg substitute for when the eggs run out.

Hey! We are moving to the Food channel!

Haha thanks! Good idea!

:de: Meanwhile, in Germany, international Combined Resolve XIV maneuvers continue, during which unit of Special Operations Forces of Ukrainian AF received the task of finding and destroying the enemy’s air defense systems
Ukrainians supported the allies with fire and “destroyed” the AH-64 Apache helicopter, one enemy infantry fighting vehicle, HMMWV and up to 10 soldiers, “losing” 2 of their infantry fighting vehicles and 7 military personnel
#Germany #Ukraine #NATO

:de: Тем временем, в Германии продолжаются международные маневры Combined Resolve XIV, в ходе которых подразделение Сил специальных операций ВС Украины получило задачу по поиску и уничтожению ЗРК противника
Украинцы поддержали союзников огнем и “уничтожили” вертолёт AH-64 Apache, одну вражескую БМП, HMMWV и до 10 бойцов, “потеряв” 2 своих БМП и 7 военнослужащих
#Германия #Украина #НАТО