This reminds me of the 9/11 hurricane off the coast of NY

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This reminds me of the 9/11 hurricane off the coast of NY

Please note the flights above only represent the United States of America, globally 21,432 flights in the sky currently.

There is crazy amount of stuff going on, on a global scale
This year we have had more earthquakes volcanos fires floods
We have simultaneous outbreaks and pandemic.

Government for the first time released declassified the existence of UFOs

The space force was created
Officially (it’s been in operation for over 5 decades )

Companies are bonding with cryptocurrency they are creating their own coin.

Countries are creating their own cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is unstoppable!!!

We have tried over and over again to prepare you for what’s coming

On top of all this The USA is entering it’s final phase of the election :ballot_box: so most of the news has-focused on that currently

Please wake up !!!

Lol :joy: Clown World continues

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