This one is interesting and extremely actionable for those living in the proximity.

This one is interesting and extremely actionable for those living in the proximity.

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with the military commanders underground and EAMs very interesting indeed

Damnnnnnn!!! Most direct evidence I’ve seen to date!


I’m glad it’s actually good intel I wasn’t gonna send it at first but it came to mind when I came across another site a while back stating Chinese were in mexico too.

It’s intel. It doesn’t have to be correct. We have to figure out the probability of it and how to protect from it. This is exactly the right thing to be posting. +1

Yes the video is undeniable pretty much. Testimonial less so but still a piece. Be great to get contacts up there to confirm.

By the time it’s confirmed, it’s often too late.

Awesome thank you brothers and sisters much love

Thank you!! :pray:t2::purple_heart:

They just fooled the masses? VFX?

Wouldn’t be the first time lol.

At least they didn’t cut the feed like in china

I think we learned as much as we can about the fly thing tho. We have bigger issues to worry about


Morning! Nice pics

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I have friends there and will reach out to see if I can get any information.

I’ve never heard of Chinese military on Mexican territory, nor from media or military contacts …

yet, this reminds me of some comments I heard from Libyans and Tunisians right after their “springs” few years ago. They said that once the armed revolution was over, many Chinese “popped up from no where, speaking perfect Arabic, wanting to make business with everyone”. Like if they were already living there

Yes ma’am that’s exactly how it is if I’m remembering correctly so far I believe only make shift housing for troops are only installed in Mexico way below the radar and considering the history Mexico can be petty and decide to follow through, and considering they were going to allow German troops in during World War II

Earth sucks

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