This looks like a corona breeding ground to me...

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This looks like a corona breeding ground to me…

While I have you all here. I would like to take suggestions for this group.

The ignorance of the world is astounding.

True… ignorance and denial…

It infuriates me.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what they want to see discussed in this group???

I just want to know if I’m going to die of this virus eventually or not

I know. Me too. There’s different levels of severity that the virus can do to a person.

I’m just trying not to be that girl:

I don’t know if I would just get the virus and recover quickly. Or if I would be what we nicknamed a “Drop deader”

Or maybe I would have a medium severity of illness. Somewhere in between that…

But I’m preparing, because I don’t want to find out the hard way.

Feel free to comment. This is a open group for all to comment

We’re learning from each other

We will have to see for the coming few weeks, like in how the quarantined people will do after those weeks. If there are positives who recover, and how they recover. Those cases for now give the best predictions for the future to come. The only thing you can do yourself are your own preparations and hygiene

One thing is, corona doesn’t seem to like the sun

I’m just waiting for all the recovered to fall ill again. I’ve started prepping, food supplies, medicine, anti bacterial products etc, masks and goggles, my fear is for my children tho :frowning:

Mine’s too, my youngest wouldn’t probably handle new medicine all too well

My youngest is 9 months.

My youngest is 2, will be 3 in a month

And with all these infectious diseases, we have to make sure we keep up with diligent hand washing procedures.

so we don’t contaminate the children. And to prevent cross-contamination.

God save our children :pray::pray:

Can I share your doco on my personal FB page?

When I was reading through the literature. I found that there was a lot of cross-contamination that occurred in Wuhan. So remember to wash your hands.

Apparently that is the main thing we need to be doing


And keep doorhandles clean