这种事在厉害国太普遍了,人权都没有,何况狗命 This kind of thing is too common in terrible countries.

这种事在厉害国太普遍了,人权都没有,何况狗命 This kind of thing is too common in terrible countries.

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This made me tear up.

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Muther fucker!



请隔壁高雅人士出户籍!谢谢!A Chinese auntie living in Kyoto, Japan, wiped out local masks from pharmacies resold them to domestic compatriots at high prices, and issued 20 million yen of “national trouble” in just half a month. She posted a photo on social platforms afterwards: “I didn’t expect my nails (crystal nails) to be rubbed away after counting money.” Aroused the anger of Chinese and Japanese netizens. The incident not only caused the anger of domestic compatriots, she also became a street mouse in Kyoto! !!
Elegant people next door, please register! Thank you!

I mean if you made a profit an are boasting about it during a crisis

People will shame you


日本 冠狀病毒。
UPD:死者從未離開日本,也不知道她可能在何處被感染。Japan coronavirus.
Japan reported the country’s first death from COVID-2019 coronavirus.
This is an 80-year-old woman from Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo.
UPD: The deceased has never left Japan and does not know where she might be infected.

:arrow_up:More evidence of operatives :arrow_up:

The operatives are concerning…

Because how will this ever end, if the operatives keep circulating the virus… :thinking:

Draining financial resources…

:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 13, 2020 8:42 PM Trump Economic Advisor Kudrow: Disappointed with China ’s defense epidemic measures, US GDP may fall by a few tenths of a percent, but the real problem is the health of the Chinese people. Did the Politburo tell us the truth? We thought that transparency would be higher, but we were a little disappointed. President Trump will send aid experts from the first day. The United States has the best public health system in the world.
:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 13, 2020 8:42 PM

I bet weeks from now they will release the footage from operatives onboard the Cruise ships

And if the Japanese are following procedure they are combing through hours of cctv footage on where the 80 year old woman might of had contact to surfaces

In the surrounding area

80 year olds with no ties to China don’t just die all of a sudden from Coronavirus


It is peculiar that we have so many ships with Coronavirus


A BioTerrorist cell is in place in China / Taiwan / Japan / Vietnam and Korea

If that’s true, I hope America is not on that list.

I feel if given the opportunity, that Americans might do its own brand of domestic terror with corona.

You can’t leave any stone unturned…

True anyway this is all just speculation and trying to connect the dots

Always, same here…

學者:沖廁時細菌透過氣溶膠傳播 應蓋廁板及定期洗刷

城大工學院建築學及土木工程學系副系主任賴志強說,在沖廁過程中細菌會透過氣溶膠傳播,沖廁時蓋上廁板不足以阻隔,市民必須定期刷洗廁缸。賴志強指出沖廁過程中,細菌會隨水珠飛濺污染洗手間及隨霧化過程飄浮於空氣中,形成氣溶膠。實驗結果顯示,體積愈小的細菌,沖廁後在空氣中的濃度愈高,更容易透過氣溶膠傳播。他表示,每次沖廁可產生1.4萬至8萬顆水珠,如果水箱的位置相對廁板位置較高,或採用閥門裝置的沖水系統,水珠會濺起至較高位置,最高可濺起至離廁板1米。賴志強引述國際文獻表示,由於廁板與廁缸之間有數毫米的縫隙,即使蓋上廁板沖廁,細菌亦有機會透過霧化過程離開廁缸及飄浮於空氣中。另外,由於細菌會黏附在廁缸表面,多次沖廁後,仍會透過霧化過程飄浮於空氣中,污染附近環境。他強調,市民必須定期以1:49稀釋家用漂白水刷洗廁缸,及以1:99 稀釋家用漂白水清潔洗手間各處。他又建議市民在沖廁時蓋上廁板及保持廁所門經常關上,亦應關閉廁所的窗戶並開啟抽氣扇,同時開啟客廳窗戶,令新鮮空氣透過門隙進入廁所,稀釋空氣中的細菌和病 Scholars: Bacteria spread through aerosols during toilet flushing, and toilet boards should be covered and washed regularly

Lai Zhiqiang, deputy head of the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at CityU Institute of Technology, said that bacteria can spread through aerosols during flushing. Covering the toilet board during flushing is not enough to block, and the public must brush the toilet cylinder regularly. Lai Zhiqiang pointed out that during the flushing process, bacteria will pollute the toilet with water droplets and float in the air with the atomization process, forming aerosols. Experimental results show that the smaller the volume of bacteria, the higher the concentration in the air after flushing, and the easier it is to spread through aerosols. He said that 14,000 to 80,000 drops of water can be generated per flush. If the position of the water tank is higher than the position of the toilet plate or the flushing system using a valve device, the drops of water will splash to a higher position. Splashed up to 1 meter from the toilet board. Lai Zhiqiang quoted international literature saying that due to the gap of several millimeters between the toilet plate and the toilet cylinder, even if the toilet plate is covered and flushed, bacteria may have the opportunity to leave the toilet cylinder and float in the air through the atomization process. In addition, because bacteria will adhere to the surface of the toilet bowl, after repeated flushing, they will still float in the air through the atomization process and pollute the surrounding environment. He stressed that the public must regularly wash the toilet bowl with 1:49 diluted household bleach and clean the restrooms with 1:99 diluted household bleach. He also advised the public to cover the toilet board and keep the toilet door closed when flushing. They should also close the toilet window and open the exhaust fan. At the same time, open the living room window to allow fresh air to enter the toilet through the door gap and dilute the bacteria in the air. And viruses.

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Where is your mask :mask: