This is !

⤺ reposted by @Eidgenosse from Thats is the information..!

This is !

From my sources I heard 400k dead

We go from this number with + new infect a realy Death number…

And then @Ovrclockd Your buddy gave a 400k figure also from his Taiwanese friends

What’s it at now? What would the count be

Do you have spread sheet

What is your source of this news? The Taiwan Times has this leaked.

The News on EU is blocked we only have news on social media…, we dont now whats going on with the death nuber on china…

We have scary of news from Africa and India…
For 2 day is a news of hounderts of new cases…

But just now…, we heart nothing…, is all blocked.

All the numbers are bullshit

I’m a member of maybe all the coronavirus groups in Chinese

And a moderator and admin for some

So all my sources are from there

And other natives

In the mainland or in Hong Kong

Rigth ! :+1: we think is worst case…, she dont warns the people of this world…

He have scary for a world panic…

Who is she

Prime minister?

Angela Merkel?

All Presidents and Prime ministers on this world…

Its too late…, this beast is going to the world…!

Last chance…, prepped. Save you and your Familie !! Thats not a joke…

What have you heard

From your side of the world


I dont no. We has heard on xi jiping is on washington…

Merkel comme not many on the people…, we all people of eu hate this person sooo much !!!

Ayrie have you meet @Eidgenosse she’s German

Ok so Chinese Minister Xi is in Washington DC?

I feel u mano.

Im from swiss…, but the nation goings down for the EU…

We people from Eu dont want this !!!

We love all nations of eu !
We are Patriots…!

US too

Spread love not hate🙏

Switzerland has bunkers

It will be ok

I hope

Idk :neutral_face:

Yeah…, but only for the rich people…