This is why you should have a first aid kit at all times

This is why you should have a first aid kit at all times

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What happened to you? :anguished:

Glas shards
And losing traction on my bike


Shit happens

Important is to not give up

and to be able to bandage yourslef


That is a good thing about Germany.

Before you get a driving license for even a 50cc motorcycle. You have to take first aid classes

Something you learn in school too

And every 4years when you have a job

That’s amazing

Isn’t it reasonable?


Very civilized!
In Mexico you just pay for the licence and get it… even if you don’t know how to drive lol

Well, I guess it’s one of the useful things left from ww2

Yes ! :scream_cat:

I swear that was the stupidity r0 from yesterday

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Isn’t that for the whole EU?

It is a lie that he died in poverty, inside the New Yorker Hotel.

The truth, that has been hidden from the public. Is that Tesla succdeeded in building a second Wardenclyffe. Hidden in plain sight on top of the New Yorker Hotel. Which in the 1930s and 40s was the most Advanced Hotel in the World.

The Electric Wizard was not left out in the cold to die pennieless. He was embraced and loved and cared for by the Black World and given a second chance to do uninterrupted research away from the whims of the Bankers.

The New Yorker Hotel was his private very own little Area 51.

“Speculation on the Wardenclyffe Tower tunnels ranges from them being for drainage, acting as access ways, or having the function of enhancing ground connection or resonance by interacting with the water table below the tower, maybe via being filled with SALT WATER or LIQUID NITROGEN (LIQUID SUPERCONDUCTIVE GASSES LIKE HYDROGEN OR ARGON/KRYPTON).[18][21] There is also contemporaneous and later descriptions of four 100 foot long tunnels, possibly brick lined and waterproofed, radiating from the bottom of the shaft north, south, east, and west terminating back at ground level in little brick igloos.”

Im not sure if it was always like this

“The rooftop of the New Yorker Hotel has never been an observation deck, and is occupied mostly by mechanical equipment.”

Fluff piece on the view from the top. They don’t show the “equipment.”

The New Yorker has an abandoned underground tunnel.

Here is the truth in detail about The New Yorker Hotel

There’s a power plant in the basement

“The New Yorker Hotel was the most advanced hotel in the world technologically when it was built,” says Kinney. It’s 1 million square feet above ground and 200,000 square feet below ground. The Institute of Electrical and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) named the New Yorker Hotel an IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing for having the “largest (DC) generating plant in the United States” when it was built. It was also one of the first cogeneration power plants in the world. There are only a little over one hundred IEEE milestone sites in the world, and the New Yorker Hotel joins the ranks of places like Niagara Falls and Bell Laboratories."

"The power plant was installed in 1929 and had enough capacity to provide electrical power for a city of 35,000 people. As such, the hotel remained completely off the power grid for thirty years. High pressure boilers made 180 pound steam, sending it over to a massive eightl cylinder diesel locomotive steam engine that powered the direct current electric generators. Exhaust steam was used for heating and other activities within the building, providing the cogeneration part of the plant. Down in the basement, you can still see the motors, over 200 of them, and a sixty-foot long switchboard, which Kinney refers to as the “Frankenstein board.”