This is what I have suspected.

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This is what I have suspected.

@tuit, it looks like FB is messed up right now:

So far the stats are, at best, a small fraction sample size and not indicative of actual numbers. For every confirmation, there’s probably a dozen or more actually infected. Also, many deaths won’t be counted as part of this pandemic due to lack of testing. The stats are insufficient/unreliable yet speculation is highly speculative… But at least the stats are counting something - which is better than nothing, while the many hypotheses are wholly based on opinion.

I’d expect Facebook to continue censoring more posts to attempt to cut down on all the opinion-based speculation, so real reporting will likely get caught by their net, by mistake, because their staff and “algorithms” are pretty shoddy.

Keep trying to share what you can, rewording things to bypass their filters if possible.

Taking a break walking Nala

Dang FB system is flagging “false positives”.



not sure i’d buy that part where it talks about air dispersal. but interesting theory on a whole

Does anyone know if something like cds and dmso can help?

Can’t tell if creepypasta or real