This is the levels of war ....we are in yellow now

This is the levels of war …we are in yellow now

⤺ reposted by @mseanjonesm from I saw this and it also showed from London to Madrid

Def 3 huh…why didn’t I get the memo? :thinking::upside_down_face:

The first thing that will happen is all flight will cease
The second thing with be city’s going into full lock down and mobile commands setup
so if your reading this now stock up , food and water , medical emergency .

this is happening now in real time

I think EMP

If the planes start falling from the sky


I’m praying Hes smart enough or his advisors ground flights before this happens.

so many people choose to see the world as a happy place where nothing is happening , and everyone is a peace.

the world is collapsing currently , main stream media covers 10% of what’s actually happening .

prepare for the best plan for the worst

When Putin begins to move citizens from Moscow into underground bunkers, I’ll be worrying about imminent war.
The Russians pay top dollar to protect their people.

again thats red we are on yellow

Interesting no EAM’s today

Interesting no EAM’s today

those are monitored by other side they prob switched control packs

What are these?