This is the best article I've read on #COVID19.

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absolute bullshit lol

I like watching facial expressions when it’s live

5% for prepared, 20% for non prepared

You can tell they are nervous as hell

Really BS ? Let me tell you about the Mayo physician that sent it to me. I am sorry you think its BS but I think shit is going to hit the fan. I think that says it in here.

read my second comment

This? Yes ok. So you think the numbers are understated in the article?

5% is with proper hospital care, 20% is when there is 0 treatment available


Thank You

that’s bullshit

listen to the Doctors of Iran/China/Italy

not the politicitans of America

Since January 15th they knew in New York

Not from me, just sth I found

i’ve heard a friend who works in a hospital in Milan, not yet dealing with the infected, he tells me they’re teaching EVERYBODY they can to perform resuscitations and intensive care procedures and stories from other hospitals are nightmare fuel.

realistically last numbers tell we’re way past where Wuhan were, and we’re still late to react, we did little, we did it later and selfish and dumb people everywhere put the cherry on top of that. apparently we’re about to shut down EVERYTHING not essential and call for a curfew at least in lombardia. wich means that if it’s effective we won’t feel it before two weeks and the hospitals won’t feel it for at least a month. expect you’ll start hearing bad things, very bad from now on. i mean bad.

i had a realistic view of the situation so far, turn out i was probably optimistic. i’m starting to feel very dark. i expect similar things to happen all around europe in the next week or two, wich means services like supermarkets and food might have a hard time to keep food on shelves.

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Thank you @SebastianLuft for sharing

This is such a joke! There is nothing in this…Pence etc need to go

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That’s a very interesting read ty

They are! Big time