This is on my wish list...

This is on my wish list…

⤺ reposted by @miette057 from Twice in a month. Another man in jetpack spotted at LAX yesterday

That’s badass!!! :open_mouth:

Incase anyone wishes to follow my Tyrese comment regarding Aries notes on the blackmail.

Whenever I hear Mars could use women

The women Anthony Bourdain interviews are made of the same mettle as Ellen Ripley.

These women are able to carry their own weight in a multitude of skills, including HAM radio, first aid, welding, knowledge and usage of weaponry, etc.

(Also Mars could use a bit more Women too. :roll_eyes: Just saying…)

Tomorrow, we will discuss why espousing a meritocracy is crucial in these environments - and why anti-meritocracy is a threat to society.

I think of this track

MARRS - Pump Up The Volume - circa 1987

They break in at the 5:25 mark with Mars needs women on the 12" remix

Sounds like Julian Assange’s life - circa 1995

What’s driving the mostly warmer and drier winter forecast is La Nina, the cooling of parts of the central Pacific that alter weather patterns worldwide, Halpert said.

China’s moon mission robots wake up for a 23rd lunar day as team snags major award

Anyone able to find news about this ? I tried Twitter and Facebook but nothing yet

I checked and the university is a voting location.

The microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm. Everything is a fractal of everything else. The Universal Mind is a part of us and we are a part of it.

Ya, I want one too! What a great bug-out-fast pack! :joy:


I always had this unique thought. That humans are the reproductive organ of the universe.


That’s one unique thought. That implies there are aliens out there who are considered the assholes of the universe. And they are usually not too far away from the reproductive organs…



Apple not allowing users to access links like this…

Check the vid

I think we’re starting to understand why we’ve seen a mass purge in the past few days.

Dollar vigilante, X 22 report, Amazing Polly, Ice Age Farmer all purged yesterday.