This is my backyard

This is my backyard

⤺ reposted by @Ayrie007 from is this some kind of biological warfare between rival cults? all i could find is that there's three major cults in Korea: Salvation Cult/Guwonpa, WMSCOG, and Shincheon-ji.

Wow :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

A fully stoked prepper pantry is of no use to you if you catch this fucking virus and die anyway. How long are we supposed to stay home. I can manage 6 months, then what!

Exactly, borders should be a priority

Once its there it’s gonna take a lot to quarantine

Then youre screwed

If you werent already within those 6 months

So who is hiding under a rock in the wilderness for two years?

If anyone in here had access to a Deep Underground Military Base they would not say a thing


Let’s do a batch

#疫情实录 【官方連夜叫停!四川廣元市民卸口罩扎堆喝茶】


病情 实录 [Official stop overnight! Sichuan Guangyuan citizens take off their masks and drink tea]

February 21, Guangyuan, Sichuan. Many people go out to bask in the sun. At Lizhou Square, citizens gather to drink baba tea. A citizen shoots a video saying that the sea of people is full of brains, which is very “secret”!



Audi is the official car of the Chinese Director and above. This Audi not only punches the card, but also bullies the red cuff, causing a red cuff mutiny!

It is as if the veterans of the Cultural Revolution looked down on the rebels. :thinking:



I drop a god, can’t believe it. Is it catching people or hunting? Even catching butterfly nets! :new_moon_with_face:

This person is likely to be wronged. The temperature in the car is high and the thermometer is outdoors. Every time the body temperature is measured, the person will have a fever. I now have the thermostat in a warm box, and this situation has reduced. :new_moon_with_face::new_moon_with_face::new_moon_with_face:

玩火。中国交通运输部调集7艘邮轮给外地支援武汉的医护人员提供食宿,这是非常危险的。武汉本地医护人员 邮轮,完全有可能形成“钻石公主号”悲剧,因为船上空间狭小,空调封闭循环,一旦有病毒上船,后果不堪设想。:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Playing with fire. The Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China mobilized seven cruise ships to provide food and accommodation for medical staff outside of Wuhan, which is very dangerous. Wuhan local medical staff Cruises, it is entirely possible that the “Diamond Princess” tragedy will be formed, because the space on board is small and the air-conditioning is closed in circulation. Once a virus gets on board, the consequences will be disastrous. :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


Seeing this official propaganda video, what Lei Feng’s “glorious deeds” read a book with a flashlight during the day, all exploded!

@justice_777 Propaganda? :arrow_up:


Karamay does not currently have a new case of coronary pneumonia. Since February 3, everyone must stay at home and not be allowed to go out. The body temperature has been reported three times a day for 19 days. It ’s not enough to buy food at home. It ’s not sold.

@刘虎三十三 一个女生写道:“除了生病和死亡,我并不明白疾病会带来多大的影响。直到朋友告诉我,如果疫情持续到五月,他们的公司会宣布破产,那一瞬间我才明白,无论是否被感染,每一个人都在这场灾难里了。

朱 韵 和 twitter

@ 刘虎 三 三 一 女 wrote: "Except for illness and death, I don’t understand how big the disease will be. Until a friend tells me that if the epidemic lasts until May, their company will declare bankruptcy, then For a moment I realized that everyone was in this disaster, whether or not they were infected.

#天朝浮世绘 有病亡老人的家属表示,养老院不允许病因提及“肺炎”,甚至“发烧”,被迫签署自然死亡书后议题才能火化。

天朝 浮世绘 Family members of elderly people who have died say that the nursing home does not allow the cause to mention “pneumonia” or even “fever”, and the issue can only be cremated after being forced to sign a natural death certificate.


#中共國 猪肉60一斤,在我们预期里,这是必然发生的事情,而且,还会继续涨,在人民币变成废纸以后,那就是再一个苏联,委内瑞拉。
应勇到武汉超市,身边牌子写着辣椒一元一斤。这就是中共赤裸裸的谎言表现。 现在,他们把这种赤裸裸展现给了全世界,感谢这种愚蠢,全球灭共开始了!

中共 国 Pork 60 pounds. In our expectation, this is an inevitable thing, and it will continue to rise. After the RMB becomes waste paper, it is another Soviet Union, Venezuela.

Ying Yong went to Wuhan Supermarket, and the sign on the side said that the pepper was one yuan a pound. This is the manifestation of the CCP’s nakedness. Now, they have shown this nakedness to the whole world, thanks to this stupidity, the global Communist Party has begun!

#ALERT 南韓單日新增229宗新型冠狀病毒確診個案,累計433宗 (2/22/16:28)

#ALERT South Korea added 229 new cases of new coronavirus on a single day, accumulating 433 (2/22/16: 28)


One fell on the way back to work


Catch people without masks

This happened in London the other day in front of me

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