This is more adequate

This is more adequate

⤺ reposted by @Spastichaos from check out this proximity alarm for our bunkers

hell yeah

Sitting here enjoying my Picpoul de Pinet while the world crumbles

The TUIT professional review of the Karis Professional UV Sanitizer

ATM I have 3 masks on the top shelf and i have two cell phones, two googles, and a pair of gloves in there plus a pair of wireless headphones in there. It’s pretty big like 1/3rd the size of an small microwave. Doesn’t have a timer but screw all that expensive made for consumer crap. It’s $150 half the price of the much smaller “Homesoap” make and model, which is sold out. When the apocalypse is over, you can finally open a proper barber shop with this. 4 stars.

Auto and remote controlled

Do you need a butler?

We have a howitzer we can aim at the only road leading up the canyon

good strategy


Do you work in Rail Roads???

I’ve always wanted to play with one

No, but my dad and his dad etc did

But we have a very small ski resort at the top and they use the howitzer for avalanche mitigation

You hear it in the mornings, called a powder day alarm clock

how large?

Nice!!! Railroad Arty boys



中共 国

Chongqing Liangping County Central Station
A man suddenly falls to the ground for unknown reasons


That’s ours

thatll do the job

Still getting the “It’s just a flu” response.
First official case in Norway was reported 27th of February.
By the end of day 10 the number was up to 147.
I wonder how much longer until people wake up and smells the coffee :smirk:

I would like to add that Karis Professional Grade UV Sanitizer/Sterilizer (13L) can sanitize something as large as size 8 sneaker, but not real COVID2019 deaths of 1 million dead in Wuhan, so if you work for the China CDC or WHO, this is not for you.

Costco in Virginia is setting a limit on how many paper product like toliet paper you can buy. Also, no more free samples of food due to germs.

#中共國 #深圳 蓮花一村,拆了的圍擋又封起來。

中共 国 #Shenzhen Lianhuayi Village, the demolished fence was sealed again.


I love chicken nuggies

no more free samples, my life has now been affected by corona virus. What a horrible pandemic.