This is just horrific.

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This is just horrific.
Are the people not wearing masks doing this in an act of defiance towards the CCP or do they just not have access to masks?

Smitty and Paktani …


Speaking of trust, if the shit hits the fan, do you have a circle of trusted and like minded people you can team up with?

Only my mum and dad… I wouldn’t even trust my neighbour

None of my closeby friends is taking this seriously

If anyone of them compares this to the flu again, I may just spontaneously combust with anger

Try not to be, it won’t help. Better of with giving them the right information :+1:t2:

I have tried.

“Officially”nobody is worried in Italy about coronavirus… but at the same time… this morning I went to the doctor for my flu… because I don’t feel so good after 10 days and I cough… and he immediately sent me to the hospital…

They immediately ask me to wear a mask and believe me… in Italy they NEVER ask you to wear a mask… than they made me xray in 5 minutes (usually you spent long time waiting) and I can’t go out to the hospital before the results (usually they send you an email or you came the day after)…

But they say… that it’s not a problem here

too much caution for nothing

And there where a lot people with mask…

In Slovakia nobody cares. It is only “flu” 🤦

Same in Australia :unamused:

remember, eye protection and mask should be an inseparable duo, desinfect and moisturize hands often

At this point in time, you’re more likely to have the regular flu.
Hang in there and let us know how it went.

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