This is going around

This is going around

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They can’t possibly know what day and it won’t look like that anyway.

Prepare!!! Don’t let yourself end up like this.

Wow she just stabbed this man :hocho:

@justice_777 why did she stab him? / 她为什么要刺他?


Police vs Red Arm Band. Things are falling apart

Go to Costco stop fucking around

Buy rice and tampons :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:



Today, some people have confirmed that the daily necessities of rural Hubei have run out. In most areas, buying rice once every five days is expensive.

Women’s essential sanitary napkins have been out of stock for a week. At least hundreds of thousands of young women now do not have sanitary napkins. Xi Jinping hit the richest province in central China to the living standards of African grasslands in less than a month. :scream:

最新消息:以色列驻中国大使,回以色列的航班上有人确诊冠状病毒。 这位大使被隔离了。。(耶路撒冷邮报):scream:

Latest news: The Israeli ambassador to China was confirmed to have coronavirus on the flight back to Israel. The ambassador was isolated. . (Jerusalem Post) :scream:

The price of vegetables will rise Drastically


I added large and small WeChat groups, bought food, bought milk, and bought bread, but they were not delivered to the community where I lived. I tried group purchases with the residents in the yard, and it was not enough for a few times. I was looking for a master to help solve the problem. Wuhan is still embarrassed to lift the ban according to this situation. It has been stocking dishes for half a month at a stretch. The prices of vegetables are rising every day now, and the changes are very large. :sob::sob:

Exotic Cars have always been useless in times like these and that is why I never fell for that bullshit.

From where to where?

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I don’t know


Possibly could it mean the stock market will crash really hard because China halted all manufacturing?

This is an old hoax with a new twist