This is getting ridiculous

More AI

⤺ reposted by @mrjberlin from Learn New Skills / Take the STEM pill 💊 (Science Technology Engineering Math) avoid Wokies and Anti-meritocracy movements


This is getting ridiculous

Colorado fires are insane dude . They evacuated the whole city and it’s completely gridlocked. Its a Shitshow sorry if this is a repost. It’s near a national park too :thinking:

Bobulinski attending the debate as Trumps guest… :rofl:


Dumb near here?

Final debate starting in 3 min

Nashville clear skies

Dc Clear Skies

Vegas 15 planes in air 3 more Janets leaving airspace now

Denver 4 more flights landing at LAR

LA - 6 NA flights

Nyc - 2 NA flights

All of this will be in my update 3am

Basic answer yes

Watch for a fly on trump during this

Omg that fly last debate

Invisible War continues in the Black World, White Hats are fighting harder than ever before.

Remember what they said it would take an Act of God for Open Eyes to happen

Not a good day for Co

Each Earthquake/Tactical Nuke going off consider it an Act of God getting us closer to Open Eyes


Good day for Colorado

4 decades - this year



Putting stuff in Faraday brb

Will be offline for a while

Current- Seattle

Is hiring a maid fine or a bad idea?

Is there a risk of contacting covid from washed clothes