This is from one of the guys I work with... I’m still stuck out of town.

This is from one of the guys I work with… I’m still stuck out of town.

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Did you warn them?

You been here what 4 weeks no?

Oh yeah… we’ve been talking about it for a few weeks

Costco staff must be on the point of having a mental breakdown


Seems only the affluent are prepping

It’s all classes and backgrounds

What’s with these people who just drop dead? Notice one above in Italy now.

Reinfection or second phase of the virus / bi-phasic?

I live in Puget Sound, western WA. I just visited 4 super markets. You’d never know a state of emergency was declared by the governor

Masks and hand sanitizer of course gone, but only thing picked over is cleaning products. Costco is crowded, but costco is affluent. People on .gov assistance are usual costco shoppers

Did you see the documentary,

Yes Aries I’ve watched both

Use that to your advantage

Thats literally been observed the entire time. Go way back into the photos on here

Maybe I didn’t explain myself well enough. I know it’s been that way since the start. I’ve seen almost everything on this thing. This is NOT my first trip down the rabbit hole.

I am trying to get an understanding whether those people are different from those hospitalised. Did they have symptoms? Did they have the virus but seemed to recover for this to then happen. Etc

I’m always asking questions… in my nature…

Yes it is unusual that in some of the footage some drop/die next to each other in parallel lines. That is not natural but engineered

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called for stronger efforts to guard against coronavirus, saying there will be ‘serious consequences’ if the illness spreads to the country. During a ruling party meeting, Kim called for the country’s anti-epidemic headquarters to strengthen screening and tests to seal off all ‘channels and space through which the infectious disease may find its way,’ Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency said Saturday. Kim emphasized that all fields and units of the country should ‘unconditionally’ obey quarantine instructions laid-out by the anti-epidemic headquarters. He called for the strict enforcement of preventive measures against what he described as a tricky virus that spreads rapidly. ‘In case the infectious disease spreading beyond control finds its way into our country, it will entail serious consequences,’ the agency quoted Kim as saying during the politburo meeting of the Workers’ Party.

It’s very odd indeed. Can’t rely on anything official (hence why I have found my here amongst other places).

If this thing has some HIV proteins it could be bi-phasic and these people getting “re-infected” could actually have never shed the virus (but it was hiding beating the testing).

This has been discussed in a few articles and proposed as possibles by some doctors but nothing official on it yet or in journals.

I am in no doubt this thing started in a lab.

Numbers flying around like 14% getting reinfected. May well be a misinterpretation