This is federal law...

⤺ reposted by @adunlap from If I'm right, this near perfect "Chinese Propaganda" quadratic model will provide the world press and the WHO with the following numbers over the next few days:

This is federal law…

They have to close shop for everyone or no one.


4chan post is legit
. Possible whistleblower. Anon picture proof is simplified Chinese. No way to confirm for sure, but interesting read…

I am a lab technician at Huoshenshan hospital in Wuhan.
The situation is so much worse than you know. Reported death of coronavirus are just those of sudden type, not pneumonic. Daily removes pneumonic patients to not return, whole sections of hospital 200 rooms each and not recorded. They are filled immediately with new pneumonic.
Please know we are trying but there is simply too much

@themike27 keep an eye on this

I’m not sure what to look for, 96 jobs doesn’t seem like too many

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