This is child's play compared to what's coming

looks like bloodshed

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This is child’s play compared to what’s coming

don’t spoil the surprise

oh no please not the champions league

This is what I was musing about yesterday:

NYU School of Medicine professor of microbiology and pathology Philip Tierno Jr said much remained unknown about the virus, and it was possible the disease was bi-phasic, meaning symptoms could go away before returning again later on.
“Once you have the infection, it could remain dormant and with minimal symptoms, and then you can get an exacerbation if it finds its way into the lungs,” Prof Tierno said.
“I’m not certain that this is not bi-phasic, like anthrax.”

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Welcome Yash to the scariest group any of us has ever been in.

I am running a poll on twitter. I want to get a sense of where people stand or their views. feel free to share

Here’s an example of why a group like we have here is so important. Even amongst “Preppers” there is a lot of cognitive dissonance.

This is from the admin of one of the largest Prepper groups on Facebook. :arrow_down:

41 recovered now in Italy…


A couple of you mentioned worried about your family working 1:1 with others. I’m a counselor. While I don’t touch my clients often. I plan to stop hugging shaking hands and taking cash (normally wanted cash lol) but will direct them to my pay pal on my website. Hand sanitizer wipes etc at work. When I confirm apts will have stock message that says If your sick please reschedule due to low immunity of my self and other clients or I’d be happy to do a phone session or Skype and short notice cancelation fee waived. A little nicer but you get the idea. Wipe down door knobs :confused: wash hands after every client. Headed to work now will try to catch up with you all later hope I don’t miss to much.

Hello i m from France have toi got some news. Our gvt is silent

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