this is apparently a leaked msg from a cdc official in Guangxi province.

this is apparently a leaked msg from a cdc official in Guangxi province. Basically he is telling his friends/family that the virus has mutated, no fever symptom; none self-limiting; chronic after effect even after treatment.

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What does “none self-limiting” mean
What is “chronic after effect”??

If this is true it gives me the chills

Keep up the good work everyone

Save as many as you can


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Ok let’s do a batch then sleep

We all have to assume we have been exposed already. Shit is airborne. The best thing we can do is increase our immune systems! Scrub you cells clean and get back the right ratio of good/bad bacteria in your body. This is the next stage of human evolution. Only the strong will survive.

Kenny chill


第一批好歹都是快毕业的!!第五批有的才入学第一年,有什么医疗知识???活活送死!!:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: The Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University of the Communist Party of China will send another 160 people to Wuhan. This is the fifth batch.

The first batch of graduates are about to graduate! !! The fifth batch of students only entered the first year of school. What kind of medical knowledge is there? ? ? Why are they sending them??? They are being sent to there deaths! !! :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

湖北公安的防护装备不是前线医护可以羡慕的。:rage::rage::rage::rage: The protective equipment of Hubei Public Security is not the envy of frontline medical care. :rage::rage::rage::rage:

#中共國 疫情封路、物流停止、鸭子没有饲料吃


感动和悲伤 # 中国 国 The epidemic has closed the roads logistics have stopped, and ducks have no food to eat

Farmers don’t want to starve ducks so they
Release the ducks

This kind of helplessness is Moving and sad :pensive::pleading_face:

#觀點 我們成了自己謊言的俘虜,它必須對一切作偽。它偽造過去,偽造現在,偽造將來。它偽造統計數據。它假裝沒有無處不在、不受制約的各種機構。它假裝尊重人權,假裝不迫害任何人。它假裝什麼都不怕,假裝從不作假。
——捷克前總統哈維爾 #Opinion We are captives of our lies, and it must be false to everything. It forges the past, forges the present, and forges the future. It falsifies statistics. It pretends that there are no ubiquitous, unrestricted institutions. It pretends to respect human rights and pretends not to persecute anyone. It pretends not to be afraid of anything and pretends to never fake.
-Former Czech President Javier

#中共國 新冠病毒期間,深圳施行出入證制度,一夜之間很多人睡在大街上!暴政猛於虎!# 中共 国 During the new crown virus, Shenzhen implemented a pass system, and many people slept on the street overnight! Tyranny is fierce!

#中共國 估计老太太本来就隐性感染了,但抵抗力强,勉强没有病症,结果被拦路检查羞辱,立刻毒发攻心,倒地不起!


只是推测,如有巧合纯属雷同 # 中共 国 It is estimated that the old lady had a hidden infection, but she had strong resistance and barely had any symptoms. As a result, she was stopped and examined for humiliation, and immediately attacked with poison and fell to the ground!

Masks, masks!

Just speculation, if coincidence is purely the same


why is there so many Helicopters 这么多 直升机

武汉电网着火了。 wuhan power grid is on fire.

Wtf is going on

#國際 【傳播武漢疫情】2月12日 班農先生戰斗室談武漢疫情目前並沒有減退,但中國很多工廠迫於壓力開工,疫情影響85%的中小企業,1/3的企業會在30天內破產,三個月後中國經濟會全部崩塌. # 国际 [Dissemination of the Wuhan epidemic] On February 12th, Mr. Bannon’s fighting room talked about the Wuhan epidemic, which has not subsided, but many factories in China are under pressure to start construction. The epidemic affects 85% of SMEs, and 1/3 of the companies will take 30 days Bankruptcy within three months, the Chinese economy will collapse in three months.


Name “the bad king”… corona means crown…

Sorrrrry! I notice now that you choose the name! I like it :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: good night to all Americans and good morning to others :partying_face: