This is a god damn cult

This is a god damn cult

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I still feel like they are into some weird bdsm stuff and like other people watching them

NXIVM stuff

Now now, let’s not kink shame, and let’s certainly not associate all bdsm and kink with a sex cult or gasp veganism

it takes all types of nasty to keep the world turning :kissing_heart:

That was a weird superman spinoff right

when you force it onto other people, it’s a different story

Lol :joy:

yes. And activists are consenting adults, and ‘being forced’ is not the same as ‘being into’ like you stated. shhhhh

into being watched, is what I stated

The point I’m saying is something is very off in Academia

That I cannot argue with

In which Anti-meritocracy values from Critical Race Theory and Multiculturalism is poisoning many on campus. This hinders humanity’s advancement.

Watch Thiel predictions all came true

Watch Thiel predictions all came true

As well as Yuri’s predictions

Just the movie channels

Check dm

If someone finds "greenland " with gerald butler I’ll be so thankful

They keep delaying it

Trust me i know. All ive wanted sense like april

Meanwhile in NYC


At the junction of Shunyi and Tongzhou in Beijing, there were multiple huge explosions in the early morning of today (19th). The fire illuminates the sky, and thick smoke billows straight into the sky. Many local people were awakened by the explosion, and a large number of netizens posted messages on Weibo, saying that there were more than 100 fire trucks rushing to help and helicopters hovering in the air. However, almost all related posts were deleted, and the official emphasized that there were no casualties.

  1. Go to Twitter
  2. Search “Freeze Warning”
  3. Sort by latest
  4. Analyze Intel

:arrow_up: “Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is data collected from publicly available sources to be used in an intelligence context. In the intelligence community, the term “open” refers to overt, publicly available sources (as opposed to covert or clandestine sources).”





For those interested in learning more about osint, highly recommend

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