This guy is a fcking big Puzzy, pathetic.

⤺ reposted by @Cyconymous from NEW: Tianjin's Baodi District, southeast of Beijing, is being put on lockdown due to coronavirus.

This guy is a fcking big Puzzy, pathetic.

China S02 concentration hotspots near Wuhan appear in the same place three nights in a row

Segundo caso de Coronavirus en España, en Mallorca

Looks like the actual story has made it into the main stream

absolute truth!!!

Any coronavirus cases in Netherlands?


great news

LAST URGENT TIME - Taiwan: Two tourists returning to Taipei from Italy have Coronavirus. They were in ITALY on January 22nd and returned to Taiwan from Hong Kong on February 1st. They were already sick on 26 and 28 January.

Hopefully, finishing up my last run in Walmart now. Masked :mask: up, because they’re are too many people in a Walmart. Nurse sees me and tells me I’m doing the right thing by wearing a mask, because it’s here in New Jersey. She said, “I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

I ask, as I walk away. “Then why don’t YOU have a mask on. Since you know it’s here?”

People are too shamed and ignorant to save their own lives…
I’m just saying.

Lead by example…

For those who wonder what they spray in the streets in Cina it can probably be a product similar to the Polidisin produced by the Biodisin of Treviso “Italy” already used to disinfect avian ebola sars

I think it’s confirmed to be Hypochlorous acid and alcohol. I dont have a source thou.

and an Italian newspaper

What core supplies do you recommend I have on hand in an NYC apartment. And how much quantity?